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Jonathan Warren fdb0d1e776 Merge branch 'master' into ProtoV3 2014-10-14 14:28:26 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 61653bdc0d Revert "Catch the standard Unix SIGTERM kill signal and do a graceful shutdown" 2014-10-14 14:25:13 -04:00
Jonathan Warren e096c37f7e save debug.log in correct directory 2014-10-13 01:59:16 -04:00
Jonathan Warren b6e0396333 resolve minor merge conflict with master 2014-10-12 23:33:09 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 6e9f6d54d2 Merge pull request #709 from JonathanCoe/master
Catch the standard Unix SIGTERM kill signal and do a graceful shutdown
2014-10-12 23:31:01 -04:00
Jonathan Warren bcb05419db updated defaultKnownNodes 2014-10-12 23:22:21 -04:00
Jonathan Warren a480fd4f3d After upgrade period, also support old v2 addresses 2014-10-01 19:55:23 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 0865e863ec Added ability to limit network transfer rate 2014-09-10 16:47:51 -04:00
Michael Ford 6273ec6444 Increment version number to 0.4.3 2014-09-05 11:48:59 +08:00
Jonathan Warren c84cdecba4 Normalize the noncetrialsperbyte and payloadlengthextrabytes for each of the user's existing addresses 2014-09-02 19:25:03 -04:00
Benoît HERVIER 388bc6ba04 #708 : Use default locale encoding
Use locale endoding else this generate error in GU : as default time format can have non ascii char on non english locale, but using ascii in locale can generate UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 :

In PyBitmessage/src/bitmessageqt/"

In PyBitmessage/src/", line 81, in formatTimestamp
    return unicode(timestring, encoding)
2014-08-28 13:39:40 +02:00
Jonathan Warren 90800af729 very minor improvements to ProtoV3 2014-08-27 19:17:47 -04:00
Jonathan Warren c306062282 Bitmessage Protocol Version Three 2014-08-27 03:14:32 -04:00
JonathanCoe 3b42805efc Catch the standard Unix SIGTERM kill signal and do a graceful shutdown of PyBitmessage.
We already do this for the SIGINT kill signal. The change allows us to do a clean
shutdown of PyBitmessage when its process has been separated from the terminal.
2014-08-26 13:55:42 +02:00
bmng-dev 33800064c7 Update l10n to ensure decoding actually works
Fix for encoding issue in #706
2014-08-16 04:23:30 +00:00
bmng-dev 0a2fb54f78 Fix l10n.formatTimestamp so it accepts strings 2014-08-08 04:38:23 +00:00
bmng-dev 0d2c94f060 Fix l10n so getTranslationLanguage always returns a string 2014-08-08 01:34:57 +00:00
Jonathan Warren e58ac560de Merge pull request #701 from bmng-dev/Issue-#691
Fixes issue #691
2014-08-06 17:25:40 -04:00
Jonathan Warren ea6f34ade6 removed use of memoryview so that we can support python 2.7.3 2014-08-06 15:54:59 -04:00
bmng-dev 269506ff8f New localization module (l10n)
Resolves #691
2014-08-06 02:01:01 +00:00
Jonathan Warren d2f988e7ac Merge pull request #700 from Atheros1/master
increment version number to 0.4.3
2014-08-04 18:37:53 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 807f2fee8a increment version number to 0.4.3 2014-08-04 18:35:26 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 51d73f0eba Merge pull request #694 from antius/master
Change decodeBase58
2014-08-01 17:41:10 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 9e16e81283 resolve merge conflict and show transfer rate 2014-08-01 17:25:47 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 0820578452 Merge pull request #696 from bmng-dev/Issue-#689
Improve version check.
2014-07-29 13:57:48 -04:00
Jonathan Warren fbfbbf68b5 support pyelliptic's updated HMAC algorithm 2014-07-29 03:35:23 -04:00
bmng-dev 4430ed0cb5 Improve version check
Move version check so it is the very first thing we do.
Perform version check for all platforms
Ensure backwards and forwards compatibility
2014-07-29 06:51:59 +00:00
The Antius 6a68a0c8b6 Change decodeBase58 2014-07-27 03:31:45 +02:00
Jonathan Warren b41fb616ae ignore duplicate messages 2014-07-26 13:15:28 -04:00
Ruben de Vries c8bf3ccc63 moved the check for PyQt so that we don't need to install it when running -c 2014-07-15 17:32:00 +02:00
Jonathan Warren 82fd241450 Merge pull request #681 from sandakersmann/patch-1
Bug fix for bitmessage_no.ts
2014-07-14 19:46:20 -04:00
Jonathan Warren ce62294975 Merge pull request #679 from enikesha/htmlfix
Fix unicode handling in 'View HTML code as formated text'. Fixes #667
2014-07-14 19:45:15 -04:00
Jonathan Warren a2a7edc9be resolve merge conflict 2014-07-14 19:29:47 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 254bac6b32 minor change to 'addDataPadding' commit 2014-07-14 14:15:38 -04:00
Jonathan Warren f6bab3918c Merge pull request #668 from antius/master
Make addDataPadding method to avoid clutter.
2014-07-14 14:12:07 -04:00
Jonathan Warren e3124e1b2c Merge pull request #666 from piluke/master
Add a curses terminal interface as an alternative to QT
2014-07-14 14:06:21 -04:00
Yuri f05bcdb829 Made sent/received byte counts to be in human readable format. 2014-07-11 11:12:58 -07:00
Yuri f107b0fbd9 Addition of bytes received/sent counts on the network information tab. 2014-07-07 13:30:23 -07:00
sandakersmann bf7f58efd5 Bug fix for bitmessage_no.ts
Bug fix for bitmessage_no.ts ("nb" corrected to "no")
2014-06-10 07:59:37 +02:00
bmng-dev be5ab22d16 Fix name error 2014-06-08 14:07:28 +00:00
bmng-dev 1f9991bcd0 Fix syntax error 2014-06-08 14:03:58 +00:00
Innocenty Enikeew 51b9a59719 Optimizations and better newlines handling 2014-06-03 09:45:59 +04:00
Innocenty Enikeew c848d55462 Fix unicode handling in 'View HTML code as formated text'. Fixes #667 2014-06-02 21:10:18 +04:00
bmng-dev 97647f23a6 Refactor header generation
Modify generateFullAckMessage to use shared.CreatePacket
2014-05-22 16:33:42 +00:00
bmng-dev 1f75047223 Refactor generation of packet headers 2014-05-22 16:21:20 +00:00
bmng-dev 0f9625aac7 Refactor packet header extraction and generation
Demote payloadLength from class instance variable to processData local variable as no other function was using it
Improve processData:
 -Utilise shared.Header
 -Use a memoryview to reduce memory overhead
 -Clean up variables before a recursive call
 -Strip null bytes from command
Refactor sendData
Various functions:
 -Use shared.CreatePacket to generate packets
Fix typo in _checkIPv4Address
2014-05-22 15:57:48 +00:00
bmng-dev ccfbe8da47 Refactor handling of packet headers
Refactored ackDataHasAVaildHeader:
 -shared.Header is used as necessary
 -avoided slicing wherever possible
 -remove trailing null characters when comparing command strings
 -don't calculate the checksum of a large payload
2014-05-22 13:08:30 +00:00
bmng-dev 947f7655ab Refactor generation of packet headers
Added global variable Header - a compiled Struct to pack/unpack headers so as to avoid repeatedly compiling the same format string
Add a new method CreatePacket to simply and efficiently construct a packet that is ready to be sent
Modify assembleVersionMessage to use CreatePacket
2014-05-22 12:30:51 +00:00
bmng-dev 9b40838f25 Use pointMult instead of arithmetic.privtopub
pointMult is faster than the pure python arithmetic.privtopub

Additionally in makeCryptor the call to a.privtopub could have just simply be changed to call the local privToPub but then privkey would have been dehexified twice (once in makeCryptor, then again in privToPub) and privToPub would have hexified its result only for makeCryptor to immediately dehexify it. This sort of unnecessary hexifying/dehexifying seems to occur throughout PyBitmessage.
2014-05-21 11:08:15 +00:00
bmng-dev b1261a6c0e Move pointMult to highlevelcrypto
Update pointMult calls to highlevelcrypto.pointMult
2014-05-21 10:15:07 +00:00