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 MainWindow ?@>3@0<<5About MainWindow2!>>1I5=85 4>AB02;5=> 2 %1*Acknowledgement of the message received %1 MainWindow(>1028BL =>2K9 04@5AAdd New Address MainWindow.>1028BL =>2CN ?>4?8A:CAdd new Subscription MainWindow*>1028BL =>2CN 70?8AL Add new entry MainWindowJ>1028BL >B?@028B5;O 2 04@5A=CN :=83CAdd sender to your Address Book MainWindow 4@5AAddress MainWindow4@5A=0O :=830 Address Book MainWindow(4@5A C65 ACI5AB2C5BAddress already present MainWindow4@5A 2K:;NG5=Address disabled MainWindowB4@5A =5 AE>48BAO A 8<5=5< chan-0 Address does not match chan name MainWindow$5?@028;L=K9 04@5AAddress invalid MainWindow4@5A CB5@O=Address is gone MainWindow.4@5A 22545= ?@028;L=>.Address is valid. MainWindow&4@5A A;8H:>< =>2K9Address too new MainWindow5@A8O 04@5A0Address version number MainWindow> 2A5< ?>;O<All MainWindowx@>3@0<<0 7025@H5=0. 0:@K205< ?>;L7>20B5;LA:89 8=B5@D59A...#All done. Closing user interface... MainWindow-B>B Bitmessage 04@5A ?>E>6 =0 ?@028;L=K9, => 53> 25@A8O MB>3> 04@5A0 A;8H:>< =>20O. >7<>6=>, 0< =5>1E>48<> >1=>28BL ?@>3@0<<C Bitmessage.Although that Bitmessage address might be valid, its version number is too new for us to handle. Perhaps you need to upgrade Bitmessage. MainWindowK 225;8 25@=K9 04@5A Bitmessage, => >= =5 AE>48BAO A 8<5=5< chan-0.VAlthough the Bitmessage address you entered was valid, it doesn't match the chan name. MainWindowPK C25@5=K, GB> E>B8B5 >G8AB8BL :>@78=C?5Are you sure you want to delete all trashed messages? MainWindow>60;C9AB0, CG8BK209B5, GB> @0AAK;:8 H8D@CNBAO ;8HL 0H8< 04@5A><. N1>9 G5;>25:, :>B>@K9 7=05B 0H 04@5A, A<>65B ?@>G8B0BL 0HC @0AAK;:C.kBe aware that broadcasts are only encrypted with your address. Anyone who knows your address can read them. MainWindowBitmessage Bitmessage MainWindowBitmessage =5 <>65B =09B8 0H 04@5A %1. >7<>6=> K C40;8;8 53>??Bitmessage cannot find your address %1. Perhaps you removed it? MainWindowBBitmessage 1C45B 8A?>;L7>20BL 0H ?@>:A8, =0G8=0O ?@O<> A59G0A. "5< =5 <5=55 0< 8<55B A<KA; ?5@570?CAB8BL Bitmessage, GB>1K 70:@KBL C65 ACI5AB2CNI85 A>548=5=8O.Bitmessage will use your proxy from now on but you may want to manually restart Bitmessage now to close existing connections (if any). MainWindow'5@=K9 A?8A>: Blacklist MainWindow 0AAK;:0 =0 %1Broadcast on %1 MainWindow2 0AAK;:0 >68405B >G5@548.Broadcast queued. MainWindowT 0AAK;:0 2A5<, :B> ?>4?8A0;AO =0 0H 04@5A7Broadcast to everyone who is subscribed to your address MainWindow("@51C5BAO 8<O chan-0Chan name needed MainWindow4@84C<09B5 A5:@5B=CN D@07CChoose a passphrase MainWindow> ?>2>4C 04@5A0 %1: Bitmessage =5 ?>445@68205< AB@8< =><5@ %2. >7<>6=>, 0< =C6=> >1=>28BL :;85=B Bitmessage.{Concerning the address %1, Bitmessage cannot handle stream numbers of %2. Perhaps upgrade Bitmessage to the latest version. MainWindow> ?>2>4C 04@5A0 %1: Bitmessage =5 ?>445@68205< 04@5A0 25@A88 %2. >7<>6=>, 0< =C6=> >1=>28BL :;85=B Bitmessage.Concerning the address %1, Bitmessage cannot understand address version numbers of %2. Perhaps upgrade Bitmessage to the latest version. MainWindow!>548=5=> Connected MainWindow&!>548=5=85 ?>B5@O=>Connection lost MainWindow!>548=5=89 Connections MainWindow@!:>?8@>20BL 04@5A 2 1CD5@ >1<5=0Copy address to clipboard MainWindowR!:>?8@>20BL 04@5A >B?@02:8 2 1CD5@ >1<5=0%Copy destination address to clipboard MainWindow5 <>3C 4>1028BL chan, ?>B><C GB> MB> >48= 87 0H8E C65 ACI5AB2CNI8E 04@5A>2.KCould not add chan because it appears to already be one of your identities. MainWindow Ctrl+QCtrl+Q MainWindow#40;8BLDelete MainWindow@!B5@5BL 2A5 A>>1I5=8O 87 :>@78=KDelete all trashed messages MainWindow"G8AB8BL :>@78=C? Delete trash? MainWindowK:;NG8BLDisable MainWindow:;NG8BLEnable MainWindowX0?@>A :;NG0 H8D@>20=8O ?>AB02;5= 2 >G5@54L.Encryption key request queued. MainWindow0?8AL 4>102;5=0 2 4@5A=CN =83C. K <>65B5 55 >B@540:B8@>20BL.?Entry added to the Address Book. Edit the label to your liking. MainWindowH81:0: Bitmessage 04@5A0 =0G8=0NBAO A BM- >60;C9AB0, ?@>25@LB5 %12, =0 :>B>@K9 K >B?@02;O5B5 A>>1I5=85, %1, ?@8=04;568B 0<.  A>60;5=8N, Bitmessage =5 <>65B >B?@02;OBL A>>1I5=8O A0<><C A515. >?@>1C9B5 70?CAB8BL 2B>@>3> :;85=B0 =0 4@C3>< :><?LNB5@5 8;8 =0 28@BC0;L=>9 <0H8=5.Error: One of the addresses to which you are sending a message, %1, is yours. Unfortunately the Bitmessage client cannot process its own messages. Please try running a second client on a different computer or within a VM. MainWindowH81:0: =5:>B>@K5 40==K5, 70:>48@>20==K5 2 04@5A5 %1, A;8H:>< 4;8==K5. >7<>6=>, GB>-B> =5 B0: A ?@>3@0<<>9 0H53> A>15A54=8:0.~Error: Some data encoded in the address %1 is too long. There might be something wrong with the software of your acquaintance. MainWindowH81:0: =5:>B>@K5 40==K5, 70:>48@>20==K5 2 04@5A5 %1, A;8H:>< :>@>B:85. >7<>6=>, GB>-B> =5 B0: A ?@>3@0<<>9 0H53> A>15A54=8:0.Error: Some data encoded in the address %1 is too short. There might be something wrong with the software of your acquaintance. MainWindowFH81:0: GB>-B> =5 B0: A 04@5A>< %1..Error: Something is wrong with the address %1. MainWindowH81:0: 04@5A %1 A>45@68B 70?@5I5==K5 A8<2>;K. >60;C9AB0, ?5@5?@>25@LB5.CError: The address %1 contains invalid characters. Please check it. MainWindowH81:0: 04@5A %1 2=5A5= 8;8 A:>?8@>20= =5?@028;L=>. >60;C9AB0, ?5@5?@>25@LB5.HError: The address %1 is not typed or copied correctly. Please check it. MainWindowH81:0: 04@5A, A :>B>@>3> K ?KB05B5AL >B?@028BL, 2K:;NG5=. 0< =C6=> 1C45B 2:;NG8BL MB>B 04@5A 2> 2:;04:5 "0H8 04@5A0".Error: The address from which you are trying to send is disabled. You'll have to enable it on the 'Your Identities' tab before using it. MainWindowH81:0: 25@A8O 04@5A0 2 %1 A;8H:>< =>20O. 81> 0< =C6=> >1=>28BL Bitmessage, ;81> 0H A>15A54=8: 40; =5?@028;L=K9 04@5A.Error: The address version in %1 is too high. Either you need to upgrade your Bitmessage software or your acquaintance is being clever. MainWindowH81:0: K =5 <>65B5 4>102;OBL >48= 8 B>B 65 04@5A 2 4@5A=CN =83C =5A:>;L:> @07. @>AB> ?5@58<5=C9B5 ACI5AB2CNI89 04@5A.mError: You cannot add the same address to your address book twice. Try renaming the existing one if you want. MainWindowH81:0: K =5 <>65B5 4>102;OBL >48= 8 B>B 65 04@5A 2 A?8A>: =5A:>;L:> @07. @>AB> ?5@58<5=C9B5 ACI5AB2CNI89 04@5A.gError: You cannot add the same address to your list twice. Perhaps rename the existing one if you want. MainWindowH81:0: K =5 <>65B5 4>102;OBL >48= 8 B>B 65 04@5A 2 ?>4?8A:C =5A:>;L:> @07. @>AB> ?5@58<5=C9B5 ACI5AB2CNICN ?>4?8A:C.oError: You cannot add the same address to your subsciptions twice. Perhaps rename the existing one if you want. MainWindowK 4>;6=K C:070BL 04@5A 2 ?>;5 "B :>3>". K <>65B5 =09B8 0H 04@5A 2> 2:;045 "0H8 4@5A0"._Error: You must specify a From address. If you don't have one, go to the 'Your Identities' tab. MainWindowF1F1 MainWindow(>;CG8BL Namecoin IDFetch Namecoin ID MainWindow<>;CG8BL 04@5A G5@57 Namecoin.'Fetched address from namecoin identity. MainWindow$09;File MainWindow($>@A8@>20BL >B?@02:C Force send MainWindow|$>@A8@>20=0 A<5=0 A;>6=>AB8. B?@02;O5< G5@57 =5:>B>@>5 2@5<O.3Forced difficulty override. Send should start soon. MainWindowB :>3>From MainWindowB From  MainWindowB:From: MainWindow ><>ILHelp MainWindow45AL K <>65B5 ?>4?8A0BLAO =0 @0AAK;:8 >B 4@C38E ?>;L7>20B5;59. A5 @0AAK;:8 1C4CB ?>O2;OBLAO C 0A 2> E>4OI8E. K 1C45B5 A;548BL 70 2A5<8 04@5A0<8, C:070==K<8 745AL, 4065 5A;8 >=8 2 G5@=>< A?8A:5.Here you can subscribe to 'broadcast messages' that are sent by other users. Messages will appear in your Inbox. Addresses here override those on the Blacklist tab. MainWindow&<?>@B8@>20BL :;NG8 Import keys MainWindowE>4OI85Inbox MainWindow>>4A>548=8BLAO 8;8 A>740BL chanJoin / Create chan MainWindow<OLabel MainWindow8<O (=5 ?>:07K205BAO =8:><C)Label (not shown to anyone) MainWindow.7OBL 87 04@5A=>9 :=838Load from Address book MainWindow"#?@02;OBL :;NG0<8 Manage keys MainWindow4B<5B8BL :0: =5?@>G8B0==>5 Mark Unread MainWindow"5:AB A>>1I5=8OMessage MainWindow2!>>1I5=85 >B?@02;5=> 2 %1Message sent. Sent at %1 MainWindowz!>>1I5=85 >B?@02;5=>. 68405< ?>4B25@645=8O. B?@02;5=> 2 %1 4Message sent. Waiting on acknowledgement. Sent at %1 MainWindow"!>>1I5=85 C40;5=>Message trashed MainWindow!>>1I5=85:Message: MainWindow&><5AB8BL 2 :>@78=C Move to Trash MainWindow#40;5=> 2 :>@78=C. 'B>1K ?>?0ABL 2 :>@78=C, 0< =C6=> 1C45B =09B8 D09; :>@78=K =0 48A:5.Moved items to trash. There is no user interface to view your trash, but it is still on disk if you are desperate to get it back. MainWindow<O Name or Label MainWindowC6=> ?@>25AB8 B@51C5<K5 2KG8A;5=8O, GB>1K >B?@028BL A>>1I5=85. KG8A;5=8O >6840NB >G5@548.0Need to do work to send message. Work is queued. MainWindow!B0BCA A5B8Network Status MainWindow>2K9 04@5ANew MainWindow>2>5 A>>1I5=85 New Message MainWindow(K =5 2K1@0;8 04@5A.No addresses selected. MainWindow5 A>548=5=> Not Connected MainWindow48= 87 0H8E 04@5A>2, %1, O2;O5BAO CAB0@52H8< 04@5A>< 25@A88 1. 4@5A0 25@A88 1 1>;LH5 =5 ?>445@6820NBAO. %>B8B5 ;8 K C40;8BL 53> A59G0A?zOne of your addresses, %1, is an old version 1 address. Version 1 addresses are no longer supported. May we delete it now? MainWindow,B:@KBL D09; keys.dat?Open keys.dat? MainWindow?F88 1K;8 >B:;NG5=K, ?>B><C GB> ;8 >=8 ;81> =5 ?>4E>4OB, ;81> 5I5 =5 2K?>;=5=K ?>4 0HC >?5@0F8>==CN A8AB5<C.Options have been disabled because they either aren't applicable or because they haven't yet been implemented for your operating system. MainWindow6!5:@5B=0O D@070 =5 ?>4E>48BPassphrase mismatch MainWindow@>1;5<0: :;NG ?>;CG0B5;O =5?@028;L=K9. 52>7<>6=> 70H8D@>20BL A>>1I5=85. %1QProblem: The recipient's encryption key is no good. Could not encrypt message. %1 MainWindow@>1;5<0: 0H ?>;CG0B5;L B@51C5B 1>;55 A;>6=KE 2KG8A;5=89, G5< <0:A8<C<, C:070==K9 2 0H8E =0AB@>9:0E. %1\Problem: The work demanded by the recipient is more difficult than you are willing to do. %1 MainWindow.1@01>B0=> %1 @0AAK;>:. Processed %1 broadcast messages. MainWindow01@01>B0=> %1 A>>1I5=89.'Processed %1 person-to-person messages. MainWindow<1@01>B0=> %1 >B:@KBKE :;NG59.Processed %1 public keys. MainWindow,1@01>B0=> 0 @0AAK;>:.Processed 0 broadcast. MainWindow.1@01>B0=> 0 A>>1I5=89.%Processed 0 person-to-person message. MainWindow:1@01>B0=> 0 >B:@KBKE :;NG59.Processed 0 public key. MainWindow >G5@548.Queued. MainWindow K9B8Quit MainWindow>;CG5=>Received MainWindow>!35=5@8@>20BL 70=>2> 2A5 04@5A0"Regenerate deterministic addresses MainWindowB25B8BLReply MainWindow5@570?CAB8BLRestart MainWindow06<8B5 ?@02CN :=>?:C <KH:8 =0 :0:><-;81> 04@5A5 8 2K15@8B5 "B?@028BL A>>1I5=85 =0 MB>B 04@5A"._Right click one or more entries in your address book and select 'Send message to this address'. MainWindow"!>E@0=8BL :0: ... Save As... MainWindow6!>E@0=8BL A>>1I5=85 :0: ...Save message as... MainWindow >8A:Search MainWindowB?@028BLSend MainWindowBB?@028BL A>>1I5=85 =0 MB>B 04@5ASend message to this address MainWindowjB?@028BL >4=><C 8;8 =5A:>;L:8< C:070==K< ?>;CG0B5;O<#Send to one or more specific people MainWindowBB?@02:0 =0 0H A>1AB25==K9 04@5ASending to your address MainWindowB?@02;5==K5Sent MainWindow0AB@>9:8Settings MainWindow&>:070BL BitmessageShow Bitmessage MainWindowB! =0G0;0 @01>BK ?@>3@0<<K 2 asdf:Since startup at asdf: MainWindow(! =0G0;0 @01>BK 2 %1Since startup on %1 MainWindowb0==K5, 70:>48@>20==K5 2 04@5A5, A;8H:>< 4;8==K5.-Some data encoded in the address is too long. MainWindowd0==K5, 70:>48@>20==K5 2 04@5A5, A;8H:>< :>@>B:85..Some data encoded in the address is too short. MainWindow6A>1>5 ?>2545=85 04@5A>2...Special address behavior... MainWindow !B0BCAStatus MainWindow >B>:Stream MainWindow! ?>B>:0Stream # MainWindow><5@ ?>B>:0 Stream number MainWindow"5<0Subject MainWindow "5<0:Subject: MainWindow>4?8A:8 Subscribe MainWindowL>4?8A0BLAO =0 @0AAK;:C A MB>3> 04@5A0Subscribe to this address MainWindow>4?8A:8 Subscriptions MainWindowB;8G=>Success MainWindowDChan 1K; CA?5H=> A>740=. 'B>1K 4>1028BL 4@C38E 2 Ahan, A>>1I8B5 8< 8<O chan-0 8 MB>B Bitmessage 04@5A: %1. -B>B 04@5A B0:65 >B>1@0605BAO 2> 2:;04:5 "0H8 4@5A0".Successfully created chan. To let others join your chan, give them the chan name and this Bitmessage address: %1. This address also appears in 'Your Identities'. MainWindowD#A?5H=> ?@8A>548=8;8AL : chan-C. Successfully joined chan.  MainWindow@>25@O5<... Testing... MainWindowR-B>B Bitmessage 04@5A 22545= =5?@028;L=>.%That Bitmessage address is not valid. MainWindow4@5A=0O :=830 C4>1=0 4;O ?@8A2>5=8O >A<KA;5==KE 8<5= Bitmessage 04@5A0< 0H8E 4@C759. K <>65B5 4>102;OBL =>2K5 70?8A8 A ?><>ILN :=>?:8 ">1028BL =>2CN 70?8AL", 8;8 65 ?@02K< :;8:>< <KH:8 =0 A>>1I5=88.The Address book is useful for adding names or labels to other people's Bitmessage addresses so that you can recognize them more easily in your inbox. You can add entries here using the 'Add' button, or from your inbox by right-clicking on a message. MainWindowF4@5A A>45@68B 70?@5I5==K5 A8<2>;K.(The address contains invalid characters. MainWindow4@5A 22545= 8;8 A:>?8@>20= =525@=> (:>=B@>;L=0O AC<<0 =5 AE>48BAO).CThe address is not typed or copied correctly (the checksum failed). MainWindow>4@5A 4>;65= =0G8=0BLAO A "BM-"%The address should start with ''BM-'' MainWindowlK 225;8 =5?@028;L=K9 04@5A. -B> 04@5A ?@>83=>@8@>20=.1The address you entered was invalid. Ignoring it. MainWindowK 225;8 425 @07=K5 A5:@5B=K5 D@07K. >60;C9AB0, ?>2B>@8B5 70=>2>.:The passphrase you entered twice doesn't match. Try again. MainWindow5@A8O MB>3> 04@5A0 1>;55 ?>74=OO, G5< 0H0 ?@>3@0<<0. >60;C9AB0, >1=>28B5 ?@>3@0<<C Bitmessage.gThe version number of this address is higher than this software can support. Please upgrade Bitmessage. MainWindow-B> 04@5A chan-0. K =5 <>65B5 53> 8A?>;L7>20BL :0: 04@5A @0AAK;:8.CThis is a chan address. You cannot use it as a pseudo-mailing list. MainWindow><CTo MainWindow ><C:To: MainWindow(A53> A>548=5=89: %1Total Connections: %1 MainWindow&A53> A>548=5=89: 0Total connections: 0 MainWindow258725AB=K9 AB0BCA: %1 %2Unknown status: %1 %2 MainWindowA?>;L7>20BL G5@=K9 A?8A>: ( 07@5H8BL 2A5 2E>4OI85 A>>1I5=8O, :@><5 C:070==KE 2 G5@=>< A?8A:5)KUse a Blacklist (Allow all incoming messages except those on the Blacklist) MainWindowA?>;L7>20BL 15;K9 A?8A>: (1;>:8@>20BL 2A5 2E>4OI85 A>>1I5=8O, :@><5 C:070==KE 2 15;>< A?8A:5)KUse a Whitelist (Block all incoming messages except those on the Whitelist) MainWindow`@>A<>B@5BL HTML :>4 :0: >BD>@<0B8@>20==K9 B5:AB View HTML code as formatted text MainWindow68405< :;NG H8D@>20=8O >B 0H53> A>15A54=8:0. 0?@>A 1C45B ?>2B>@5= G5@57 =5:>B>@>5 2@5<O.4:;NG5=K : A5B8. Bitmessage ?@>45;05B =5>1E>48<K5 2KG8A;5=8O, GB>1K >B?@028BL A>>1I5=85, => =5 >B?@028B 53> 4> B5E ?>@, ?>:0 K =5 ?>4A>548=8B5AL : A5B8.Warning: You are currently not connected. Bitmessage will do the work necessary to send the message but it won't send until you connect. MainWindow@KG8A;5=8O ?>AB02;5=K 2 >G5@54L.Work is queued. MainWindowFKG8A;5=8O ?>AB02;5=K 2 >G5@54L. %1Work is queued. %1 MainWindowH81:0 70?8A8. Write error. MainWindowzK 8A?>;L7C5B5 TCP ?>@B %1 (3> <>6=> ?><5=OBL 2 =0AB@>9:0E).AYou are using TCP port %1. (This can be changed in the settings). MainWindow.K =5 225;8 8<O chan-a.You didn't enter a chan name. MainWindowBK <>65B5 C?@02;OBL 0H8<8 :;NG0<8, >B@540:B8@>202 D09; keys.dat, =0E>4OI89AO 2 %1 !>7409B5 @575@2=CN :>?8N MB>3> D09;0 ?5@54 B5< :0: 1C45B5 53> @540:B8@>20BL.pYou may manage your keys by editing the keys.dat file stored in %1 It is important that you back up this file. MainWindowHK <>65B5 C?@02;OBL 0H8<8 :;NG0<8, >B@540:B8@>202 D09; keys.dat, =0E>4OI89AO 2 %1 !>7409B5 @575@2=CN :>?8N MB>3> D09;0 ?5@54 B5< :0: 1C45B5 53> @540:B8@>20BL. %>B5;8 1K K >B:@KBL MB>B D09; A59G0A? (?>60;C9AB0, 70:@>9B5 Bitmessage 4> B>3> :0: K 2=5A5B5 2 MB>B D09; :0:85-;81> 87<5=5=8O.)You may manage your keys by editing the keys.dat file stored in %1 It is important that you back up this file. Would you like to open the file now? (Be sure to close Bitmessage before making any changes.) MainWindowK <>65B5 C?@02;OBL 0H8<8 :;NG0<8, >B@540:B8@>202 D09; keys.dat, =0E>4OI89AO 2 B>9 65 ?0?:5, GB> 8 MB0 ?@>3@0<<0. !>7409B5 @575@2=CN :>?8N MB>3> D09;0 ?5@54 B5< :0: 1C45B5 53> @540:B8@>20BL.You may manage your keys by editing the keys.dat file stored in the same directory as this program. It is important that you back up this file. MainWindowK <>65B5 C?@02;OBL 0H8<8 :;NG0<8, >B@540:B8@>202 D09; keys.dat, =0E>4OI89AO 2 B>9 65 ?0?:5, GB> 8 MB0 ?@>3@0<<0. !>7409B5 @575@2=CN :>?8N MB>3> D09;0 ?5@54 B5< :0: 1C45B5 53> @540:B8@>20BL. %>B5;8 1K K >B:@KBL MB>B D09; A59G0A? (?>60;C9AB0, 70:@>9B5 Bitmessage 4> B>3> :0: K 2=5A5B5 2 MB>B D09; :0:85-;81> 87<5=5=8O.)You may manage your keys by editing the keys.dat file stored in the same directory as this program. It is important that you back up this file. Would you like to open the file now? (Be sure to close Bitmessage before making any changes.) MainWindowK 4>;6=K ?5@570?CAB8BL Bitmessage, GB>1K A<5=0 =><5@0 ?>@B0 8<5;0 MDD5:B.FYou must restart Bitmessage for the port number change to take effect. MainWindowK 4>;6=K 225AB8 A5:@5B=CN D@07C. A;8 K =5 E>B8B5 MB> 45;0BL, B> K 2K1@0;8 =5?@028;L=CN >?F8N.WYou must type your passphrase. If you don't have one then this is not the form for you. MainWindow^K 459AB28B5;L=> 4>;6=K 225AB8 A5:@5B=CN D@07C. You really do need a passphrase. MainWindow8K =5 70?>;=8;8 ?>;5 '><C'.Your 'To' field is empty. MainWindow0H8 4@5A0Your Identities MainWindow85?>4E>4OI0O A5:@5B=0O D@070bad passphrase MainWindow (2K15@8B5 MB>B 20@80=B, 5A;8 MB> ;8HL ?5@2K9 87 <=>38E 04@5A>2, :>B>@K5 K ?;0=8@C5B5 A>740BL)> (best if this is the first of many addresses you will create)NewAddressDialog(=5<=>3> AM:>=><8B 0< ?@>?CA:=CN A?>A>1=>ABL A5B8 8 2KG8A;8B5;L=CN <>IL)/(saves you some bandwidth and processing power)NewAddressDialog><html><head/><body><p><span style=" font-weight:600;">;NAK:<br/></span>K A<>65B5 2>AAB0=>28BL 04@5A ?> ?0<OB8 =0 ;N1>< :><?LNB5@5<br/>0< =5 =C6=> 15A?>:>8BLAO > A>E@0=5=88 D09;0 keys.dat, 5A;8 K 70?><=8;8 A5:@5B=CN D@07C<br/><span style=" font-weight:600;">8=CAK:<br/></span>K 4>;6=K 70?><=8BL (8;8 70?8A0BL) A5:@5B=CN D@07C, 5A;8 K E>B8B5 :>340-;81> 2>AAB0=>28BL 0H 04@5A =0 4@C3>< :><?LNB5@5 <br/>K 4>;6=K B0:65 70?><=8BL 25@A8N 04@5A0 8 =><5@ ?>B>:0 2<5AB5 A A5:@5B=>9 D@07>9<br/>A;8 K 2K15@8B5 A;8H:>< :>@>B:CN A5:@5B=CN D@07C, :B>-=81C4L 2 8=B5@=5B5 A<>65B ?>4>1@0BL :;NG 8, :0: A;54AB285, G8B0BL 8 >B?@02;OBL >B 0H53> 8<5=8 A>>1I5=8O.</p></body></html>

You can recreate your addresses on any computer from memory.
You need-not worry about backing up your keys.dat file as long as you can remember your passphrase.
You must remember (or write down) your passphrase if you expect to be able to recreate your keys if they are lost.
You must remember the address version number and the stream number along with your passphrase.
If you choose a weak passphrase and someone on the Internet can brute-force it, they can read your messages and send messages as you.

NewAddressDialog 5@A8O 04@5A0: 3Address version number: 3NewAddressDialog&!>740BL =>2K9 04@5ACreate new AddressNewAddressDialog~45AL K A<>65B5 A35=5@8@>20BL AB>;L:> 04@5A>2 A:>;L:> E>B8B5. 0 A0<>< 45;5, A>740=85 8 2K:84K20=85 04@5A>2 4065 ?>>I@O5BAO. K <>65B5 A35=5@8@>20BL 04@5A0 8A?>;L7CO ;81> 35=5@0B>@ A;CG09=KE G8A5; ;81> ?@84C<02 A5:@5B=CN D@07C. A;8 K 8A?>;L7C5B5 A5:@5B=CN D@07C, B> 04@5A0 1C4CB =07K20BLAO "45B5@<8=8AB8G5A:8<8". 5=5@0B>@ A;CG09=KE G8A5; 2K1@0= ?> C<>;G0=8N, >4=0:> 45B5@<8=8AB8G5A:85 04@5A0 8<5NB A;54CNI85 ?;NAK 8 <8=CAK ?> A@02=5=8N A =8<8:uHere you may generate as many addresses as you like. Indeed, creating and abandoning addresses is encouraged. You may generate addresses by using either random numbers or by using a passphrase. If you use a passphrase, the address is called a "deterministic" address. The 'Random Number' option is selected by default but deterministic addresses have several pros and cons:NewAddressDialog 4>?>;=5=85 : A5:@5B=>9 D@075, 0< =5>1E>48<> 70?><=8BL MB8 G8A;0:@In addition to your passphrase, you must remember these numbers:NewAddressDialogL<O (=5 ?>:07K205BAO =8:><C :@><5 0A)&Label (not shown to anyone except you)NewAddressDialog@!>740BL 45B5@<8=8AB8G5A:89 04@5AMake deterministic addressesNewAddressDialog|>;-2> 04@5A>2, :>B>@K5 K E>B8B5 ?>;CG8BL 87 A5:@5B=>9 D@07K:5Number of addresses to make based on your passphrase:NewAddressDialog4@84C<09B5 A5:@5B=CN D@07C PassphraseNewAddressDialog:!35=5@8@>20BL A;CG09=K9 04@5ARandomly generate addressNewAddressDialog2>2B>@8B5 A5:@5B=CN D@07CRetype passphraseNewAddressDialog>B@0B8BL =5A:>;L:> ;8H=8E <8=CB, GB>1K A45;0BL 04@5A(0) :>@>G5 =0 1 8;8 2 A8<2>;0_Spend several minutes of extra computing time to make the address(es) 1 or 2 characters shorterNewAddressDialog><5@ ?>B>:0: 1Stream number: 1NewAddressDialogbA?>;L7>20BL A5:@5B=CN D@07C 4;O A>740=8O 04@5A>2"Use a passphrase to make addressesNewAddressDialogtA?>;L7>20BL 35=5@0B>@ A;CG09=KE G8A5; 4;O A>740=8O 04@5A00Use a random number generator to make an addressNewAddressDialogJA?>;L7>20BL =081>;55 4>ABC?=K9 ?>B>:Use the most available streamNewAddressDialogzA?>;L7>20BL B>B 65 ?>B>:, GB> 8 C:070==K9 ACI5AB2CNI89 04@5A*Use the same stream as an existing addressNewAddressDialog*>1028BL =>2CN 70?8AL Add new entryNewSubscriptionDialog 4@5AAddressNewSubscriptionDialog<OLabelNewSubscriptionDialog85AB8 A51O :0: >1KG=K9 04@5ABehave as a normal addressSpecialAddressBehaviorDialogH5AB8 A51O :0: 04@5A ?A524>-@0AAK;:8'Behave as a pseudo-mailing-list addressSpecialAddressBehaviorDialog>GB0, ?>;CG5==0O =0 04@5A ?A524>-@0AAK;:8, 1C45B 02B><0B8G5A:8 @07>A;0=0 2A5< ?>4?8AG8:0< (8 ?>MB><C 1C45B 4>ABC?=0 >1I59 ?C1;8:5).xMail received to a pseudo-mailing-list address will be automatically broadcast to subscribers (and thus will be public).SpecialAddressBehaviorDialog(<O ?A524>-@0AAK;:8: Name of the pseudo-mailing-list:SpecialAddressBehaviorDialog.A>1>5 ?>2545=85 04@5A0Special Address BehaviorSpecialAddressBehaviorDialog><html><head/><body><p>@>3@0<<0 @0A?@>AB@0=O5BAO 2 A>>B25BAB288 A ;8F5=7859 MIT/X11; A<. <a href="http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php"><span style=" text-decoration: underline; color:#0000ff;">http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php</span></a></p></body></html>

Distributed under the MIT/X11 software license; see http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php

 aboutDialog ?@>3@0<<5About aboutDialog>>?8@09B 2013 6>=0B0= #>@@5=!Copyright © 2013 Jonathan Warren aboutDialogPyBitmessage PyBitmessage aboutDialog4-B> 15B0 25@A8O ?@>3@0<<K.This is Beta software. aboutDialog25@A8O ? version ? aboutDialogBitmessage Bitmessage connectDialog~Bitmessage =5 1C45B A>548=OBLAO =8 A :5<, ?>:0 K =5 @07@5H8B5.5Bitmessage won't connect to anyone until you let it.  connectDialog0!>548=8BLAO ?@O<> A59G0A Connect now connectDialogR/ E>GC A?5@20 =0AB@>8BL A5B52K5 =0AB@>9:8/Let me configure special network settings first connectDialog<a href="http://Bitmessage.org/wiki/PyBitmessage_Help">http://Bitmessage.org/wiki/PyBitmessage_Help</a>ghttp://Bitmessage.org/wiki/PyBitmessage_Help helpDialogBitmessage - >1I5AB25==K9 ?@>5:B. K <>65B5 =09B8 ?>4A:07:8 8 A>25BK =0 Wiki-AB@0=8G:5 Bitmessage:ZAs Bitmessage is a collaborative project, help can be found online in the Bitmessage Wiki: helpDialog ><>ILHelp helpDialog ?8A0=85 7=0G:>2 Icon GlossaryiconGlossaryDialogzK 8A?>;L7C5B5 TCP ?>@B ?. (3> <>6=> ?><5=OBL 2 =0AB@>9:0E).@You are using TCP port ?. (This can be changed in the settings).iconGlossaryDialogK CAB0=>28;8 A>548=5=85 A 4@C38<8 CG0AB=8:0<8 A5B8 8 20H D09@2>; =0AB@>5= ?@028;L=>.SYou do have connections with other peers and your firewall is correctly configured.iconGlossaryDialog0 B5:CI89 <><5=B K CAB0=>28;8 ?>-:@09=59 <5@5 >4=> 8AE>4OI55 A>548=5=85, => ?>:0 =8 >4=>3> 2E>4OI53>. 0H D09@2>; 8;8 <0@H@CB870B>@ A:>@55 2A53> =5 =0AB@>5= =0 ?5@51@>A 2E>4OI8E TCP A>548=5=89 : 0H5<C :><?LNB5@C. Bitmessage 1C45B ?@5:@0A=> @01>B0BL 8 157 MB>3>, => K <>3;8 1K ?><>GL A5B8 5A;8 1K @07@5H8;8 8 2E>4OI85 A>548=5=8O B>65. -B> ?><>3;> 1K 0< AB0BL 1>;55 206=K< C7;>< A5B8.You have made at least one connection to a peer using an outgoing connection but you have not yet received any incoming connections. Your firewall or home router probably isn't configured to forward incoming TCP connections to your computer. Bitmessage will work just fine but it would help the Bitmessage network if you allowed for incoming connections and will help you be a better-connected node.iconGlossaryDialogT5B A>548=5=8O A 4@C38<8 CG0AB=8:0<8 A5B8.*You have no connections with other peers. iconGlossaryDialog<html><head/><body><p>Chan - MB> A?>A>1 >1I5=8O, :>340 =01>@ :;NG59 H8D@>20=8O 8725AB5= A@07C F5;>9 3@C??5 ;N459. ;NG8 8 Bitmessage-04@5A, 8A?>;L7C5<K9 chan-><, 35=5@8@C5BAO 87 A;>20 8;8 D@07K (8<O chan-0). 'B>1K >B?@028BL A>>1I5=85 2A5<, =0E>4OI8<AO 2 chan-5, >B?@02LB5 >1KG=>5 ?@820B=>5 A>>1I5=8O =0 04@5A chan-a.</p><p>Chan-K - MB> M:A?5@8<5=B0;L=0O D8G0.</p></body></html>

A chan exists when a group of people share the same decryption keys. The keys and bitmessage address used by a chan are generated from a human-friendly word or phrase (the chan name). To send a message to everyone in the chan, send a normal person-to-person message to the chan address.

Chans are experimental and completely unmoderatable.

 newChanDialog <html><head/><body><p>2548B5 8<O 0H53> chan-a. A;8 K 2K15@5B5 4>AB0B>G=> A;>6=>5 8<O 4;O chan-0 (=0?@8<5@, A;>6=CN 8 =5>1KG=CN A5:@5B=CN D@07C) 8 =8:B> 87 0H8E 4@C759 =5 >?C1;8:C5B MBC D@07C, B> 0< chan 1C45B =0456=> 70H8D@>20=. A;8 K 8 :B>-B> 4@C3>9 =57028A8<> A>74048B5 chan A ?>;=>ABLN 845=B8G=K< 8<5=5<, B> A:>@55 2A53> K ?>;CG8B5 2 8B>35 >48= 8 B>B 65 chan.</p></body></html>r

Enter a name for your chan. If you choose a sufficiently complex chan name (like a strong and unique passphrase) and none of your friends share it publicly then the chan will be secure and private. If you and someone else both create a chan with the same chan name then it is currently very likely that they will be the same chan.

 newChanDialog,Bitmessage 04@5A chan:Chan bitmessage address: newChanDialog<O chan: Chan name: newChanDialog!>740BL chan Create a chan newChanDialog$!>740BL =>2K9 chanCreate a new chan newChanDialog>2K9 chanDialog newChanDialog*@8A>548=8BLAO : chan Join a chan newChanDialog11regenerateAddressesDialog33regenerateAddressesDialog5@A8O 04@5A0:Address version Number:regenerateAddressesDialogA;8 K @0=55 45;0;8 45B5@<8=8AB8G5A:85 04@5A0, => A;CG09=> ?>B5@O;8 8E, K <>65B5 8E 2>AAB0=>28BL 745AL. A;8 65 K 8A?>;L7>20;8 35=5@0B>@ A;CG09=KE G8A5;, GB>1K A>740BL 0H8 04@5A0, B> K =5 A<>65B5 8E 745AL 2>AAB0=>28BL.If you have previously made deterministic addresses but lost them due to an accident (like hard drive failure), you can regenerate them here. If you used the random number generator to make your addresses then this form will be of no use to you.regenerateAddressesDialog>;-2> 04@5A>2, :>B>@K5 K E>B8B5 ?>;CG8BL 87 0H59 A5:@5B=>9 D@07K:5Number of addresses to make based on your passphrase:regenerateAddressesDialog!5:@5B=0O D@070 PassphraseregenerateAddressesDialogP!35=5@8@>20BL 70=>2> ACI5AB2CNI85 04@5A0Regenerate Existing AddressesregenerateAddressesDialogP!35=5@8@>20BL 70=>2> ACI5AB2CNI85 04@5A0Regenerate existing addressesregenerateAddressesDialog>B@0B8BL =5A:>;L:> ;8H=8E <8=CB, GB>1K A45;0BL 04@5A(0) :>@>G5 =0 1 8;8 2 A8<2>;0_Spend several minutes of extra computing time to make the address(es) 1 or 2 characters shorterregenerateAddressesDialog><5@ ?>B>:0:Stream number:regenerateAddressesDialogK 4>;6=K :;8:=CBL MBC 30;>G:C (8;8 =5 :;8:0BL) B>G=> B0:65 :0: K A45;0;8 2 A0<K9 ?5@2K9 @07, :>340 A>74020;8 0H8 04@5A0.qYou must check (or not check) this box just like you did (or didn't) when you made your addresses the first time.regenerateAddressesDialog0<html><head/><body><p>Bitmessage C<55B ?>;L7>20BLAO ?@>3@0<<>9 Namecoin 4;O B>3>, GB>1K A45;0BL 04@5A0 1>;55 4@C65AB25==K<8 4;O ?>;L7>20B5;59. 0?@8<5@, 2<5AB> B>3>, GB>1K 48:B>20BL 0H5<C 4@C3C 4;8==K9 8 =C4=K9 04@5A Bitmessage, K <>65B5 ?>?@>A8BL 53> >B?@028BL A>>1I5=85 =0 04@5A 2840 <span style=" font-style:italic;">test. </span></p><p>(5@5=5AB8 0H Bitmessage 04@5A 2 Namecoin ?>-?@56=5<C ?>:0 4>2>;L=> A;>6=>).</p><p>Bitmessage <>65B 8A?>;L7>20BL ;81> ?@O<> namecoind, ;81> C65 70?CI5==CN ?@>3@0<<C nmcontrol.</p></body></html>

Bitmessage can utilize a different Bitcoin-based program called Namecoin to make addresses human-friendly. For example, instead of having to tell your friend your long Bitmessage address, you can simply tell him to send a message to test.

(Getting your own Bitmessage address into Namecoin is still rather difficult).

Bitmessage can use either namecoind directly or a running nmcontrol instance.

settingsDialog2B>@870F8OAuthenticationsettingsDialog">4A>548=8BLAO :: Connect to:settingsDialog&"@51C5<0O A;>6=>ABLDemanded difficultysettingsDialogDeutschDeutschsettingsDialogEnglishEnglishsettingsDialogEspanolEspañolsettingsDialogEsperanto EsperantosettingsDialogFrancais FrançaissettingsDialogx45AL K <>65B5 CAB0=>28BL <0:A8<0;L=CN 2KG8A;8B5;L=CN @01>BC, :>B>@CN K A>3;0A=K ?@>45;0BL, GB>1K >B?@028BL A>>1I5=85 4@C3><C ?>;L7>20B5;N. >;L >7=0G05B, GB>1K ;N1>5 7=0G5=85 4>?CAB8<>.Here you may set the maximum amount of work you are willing to do to send a message to another person. Setting these values to 0 means that any value is acceptable.settingsDialog 4@5A:Host:settingsDialogd ?5@5=>A=>< @568<5, 2A5 A>>1I5=8O 8 :>=D83C@0F8>==K5 D09;K A>E@0=ONBAO 2 B>9 65 A0<>9 ?0?:5 GB> 8 A0<0 ?@>3@0<<0. -B> 45;05B 1>;55 C4>1=K< 8A?>;L7>20=85 Bitmessage A USB-D;MH:8.In Portable Mode, messages and config files are stored in the same directory as the program rather than the normal application-data folder. This makes it convenient to run Bitmessage from a USB thumb drive.settingsDialog/7K: 8=B5@D59A0Interface LanguagesettingsDialogB@>A;CH820BL A>548=5=8O =0 ?>@BC:Listen for connections on port:settingsDialogr@>A;CH820BL 2E>4OI85 A>548=5=8O 5A;8 8A?>;L7C5BAO ?@>:A80Listen for incoming connections when using proxysettingsDialog$>@B ?@>A;CH820=8OListening portsettingsDialog20:A 4>?CAB8<0O A;>6=>ABLMax acceptable difficultysettingsDialogd0:A 4>?CAB8<0O A;>6=>ABL 4;O <0;5=L:89 A>>1I5=89:,Maximum acceptable small message difficulty:settingsDialog@0:A 4>?CAB8<0O >1I0O A;>6=>ABL:$Maximum acceptable total difficulty:settingsDialog$!2>@0G820BL 2 B@59Minimize to traysettingsDialogNMControl NMControlsettingsDialog*=B53@0F8O A NamecoinNamecoin integrationsettingsDialogNamecoind NamecoindsettingsDialog"!5B52K5 =0AB@>9:8Network SettingssettingsDialog:@C385 (=0AB@>5=> 2 keys.dat)Other (set in keys.dat)settingsDialog @;L:Pass:settingsDialog0@>;L: Password:settingsDialogPirate EnglishPirate EnglishsettingsDialog >@B:Port:settingsDialog&@>:A8 A5@25@ / TorProxy server / TorsettingsDialog:0?CAB8BL 2 ?5@5=>A=>< @568<5Run in Portable ModesettingsDialogSOCKS4aSOCKS4asettingsDialog SOCKS5SOCKS5settingsDialog4@5A A5@25@0:Server hostname:settingsDialog0AB@>9:8SettingssettingsDialogh>:07K20BL C254><;5=8O ?@8 ?>;CG5=88 =>2KE A>>1I5=89'Show notification when message receivedsettingsDialogD!;>6=>ABL 4;O <0;5=L:8E A>>1I5=89:Small message difficulty:settingsDialog0?CA:0BL Bitmessage 2 A25@=CB>< 2845 (=5 ?>:07K20BL 3;02=>5 >:=>)5Start Bitmessage in the tray (don't show main window)settingsDialogP0?CA:0BL Bitmessage ?@8 2E>45 2 A8AB5<CStart Bitmessage on user loginsettingsDialog"/7K: ?> C<>;G0=8NSystem SettingssettingsDialog@>25@8BLTestsettingsDialog"!;>6=>ABL 4;O <0;5=L:8E A>>1I5=89" 2;8O5B 8A:;NG8B5;L=> =0 =51>;LH85 A>>1I5=8O. #25;8G82 MB> G8A;> 2 420 @070, 2K A45;05B5 >B?@02:C <0;5=L:8E A>>1I5=89 2 420 @070 A;>6=55, 2 B> 2@5<O :0: A;>6=>ABL >B?@02:8 1>;LH8E A>>1I5=89 =5 87<5=8BAO.The 'Small message difficulty' mostly only affects the difficulty of sending small messages. Doubling this value makes it almost twice as difficult to send a small message but doesn't really affect large messages.settingsDialog"1I0O A;>6=>ABL" 2;8O5B =0 01A>;NB=>5 :>;8G5AB2> 2KG8A;5=89, :>B>@K5 >B?@028B5;L 4>;65= ?@>25AB8, GB>1K >B?@028BL A>>1I5=85. #25;8G82 MB> G8A;> 2 420 @070, 2K C25;8G8B5 2 420 @070 >1J5< B@51C5<KE 2KG8A;5=89.The 'Total difficulty' affects the absolute amount of work the sender must complete. Doubling this value doubles the amount of work.settingsDialog 1I0O A;>6=>ABL:Total difficulty:settingsDialog"8?:Type:settingsDialog >;L7>20B5;LA:85User InterfacesettingsDialog"<O ?>;L7>20B5;O: Username:settingsDialogl>340 :B>-;81> >B?@02;O5B 0< A>>1I5=85, 53> :><?LNB5@ 4>;65= A?5@20 @5H8BL >?@545;5==CN 2KG8A;8B5;L=CN 7040GC. !;>6=>ABL MB>9 7040G8 ?> C<>;G0=8N @02=0 1. K <>65B5 ?>2KA8BL MBC A;>6=>ABL 4;O =>2KE 04@5A>2, :>B>@K5 K A>74048B5, 745AL. "0:8< >1@07><, ;N1K5 =>2K5 04@5A0, :>B>@K5 K A>74048B5, <>3CB B@51>20BL >B >B?@028B5;59 A;>6=>ABL 1>;LHCN G5< 1. 4=0:>, 5ABL >4=> 8A:;NG5=85: 5A;8 K A?5F80;L=> 4>1028B5 0H53> A>15A54=8:0 2 04@5A=CN :=83C, B> Bitmessage 02B><0B8G5A:8 C254><8B 53> > B><, GB> 4;O =53> <8=8<0;L=0O A;>6=>ABL 1C45B A>AB02;OBL 2A5340 2A53> ;8HL 1.When someone sends you a message, their computer must first complete some work. The difficulty of this work, by default, is 1. You may raise this default for new addresses you create by changing the values here. Any new addresses you create will require senders to meet the higher difficulty. There is one exception: if you add a friend or acquaintance to your address book, Bitmessage will automatically notify them when you next send a message that they need only complete the minimum amount of work: difficulty 1. settingsDialog!?5F80;L=> ?@8:@5?;OBL =570H8D@>20==K9 04@5A ?>;CG0B5;O, :>340 ?>AK;05< =0 <>18;L=>5 CAB@>9AB2>QWillingly include unencrypted destination address when sending to a mobile devicesettingsDialog>BACBAB2C5BnonesettingsDialog CAA:89РусскийsettingsDialog ) ,