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"""Most of the queues used by bitmessage threads are defined here."""
import Queue
import threading
import time
from multiqueue import MultiQueue
class ObjectProcessorQueue(Queue.Queue):
"""Special queue class using lock for `.threads.objectProcessor`"""
maxSize = 32000000
def __init__(self):
self.sizeLock = threading.Lock()
#: in Bytes. We maintain this to prevent nodes from flooding us
#: with objects which take up too much memory. If this gets
#: too big we'll sleep before asking for further objects.
self.curSize = 0
def put(self, item, block=True, timeout=None):
while self.curSize >= self.maxSize:
with self.sizeLock:
self.curSize += len(item[1])
Queue.Queue.put(self, item, block, timeout)
def get(self, block=True, timeout=None):
item = Queue.Queue.get(self, block, timeout)
with self.sizeLock:
self.curSize -= len(item[1])
return item
workerQueue = Queue.Queue()
UISignalQueue = Queue.Queue()
addressGeneratorQueue = Queue.Queue()
#: `.network.ReceiveQueueThread` instances dump objects they hear
#: on the network into this queue to be processed.
objectProcessorQueue = ObjectProcessorQueue()
invQueue = MultiQueue()
addrQueue = MultiQueue()
portCheckerQueue = Queue.Queue()
receiveDataQueue = Queue.Queue()
#: The address generator thread uses this queue to get information back
#: to the API thread.
apiAddressGeneratorReturnQueue = Queue.Queue()
#: for exceptions
excQueue = Queue.Queue()