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from os import path
from PyQt4 import QtGui
from debug import logger
import widgets
class RetranslateMixin(object):
def retranslateUi(self):
defaults = QtGui.QWidget()
widgets.load(self.__class__.__name__.lower() + '.ui', defaults)
for attr, value in defaults.__dict__.iteritems():
setTextMethod = getattr(value, "setText", None)
if callable(setTextMethod):
getattr(self, attr).setText(getattr(defaults, attr).text())
elif isinstance(value, QtGui.QTableWidget):
for i in range (value.columnCount()):
getattr(self, attr).horizontalHeaderItem(i).setText(getattr(defaults, attr).horizontalHeaderItem(i).text())
for i in range (value.rowCount()):
getattr(self, attr).verticalHeaderItem(i).setText(getattr(defaults, attr).verticalHeaderItem(i).text())