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BMConfigParser class definition and default configuration settings
import ConfigParser
import shutil
import os
from datetime import datetime
import state
from singleton import Singleton
BMConfigDefaults = {
"bitmessagesettings": {
"maxaddrperstreamsend": 500,
"maxbootstrapconnections": 20,
"maxdownloadrate": 0,
"maxoutboundconnections": 8,
"maxtotalconnections": 200,
"maxuploadrate": 0,
"apiinterface": "",
"apiport": 8442
"threads": {
"receive": 3,
"network": {
"bind": '',
"dandelion": 90,
"inventory": {
"storage": "sqlite",
"acceptmismatch": False,
"knownnodes": {
"maxnodes": 20000,
"zlib": {
'maxsize': 1048576
class BMConfigParser(ConfigParser.SafeConfigParser):
"""Singleton class inherited from ConfigParser.SafeConfigParser
with additional methods specific to bitmessage config."""
def set(self, section, option, value=None):
if self._optcre is self.OPTCRE or value:
if not isinstance(value, basestring):
raise TypeError("option values must be strings")
if not self.validate(section, option, value):
raise ValueError("Invalid value %s" % value)
return ConfigParser.ConfigParser.set(self, section, option, value)
def get(self, section, option, raw=False, variables=None):
if section == "bitmessagesettings" and option == "timeformat":
return ConfigParser.ConfigParser.get(
self, section, option, raw, variables)
return ConfigParser.ConfigParser.get(
self, section, option, True, variables)
except ConfigParser.InterpolationError:
return ConfigParser.ConfigParser.get(
self, section, option, True, variables)
except (ConfigParser.NoSectionError, ConfigParser.NoOptionError) as e:
return BMConfigDefaults[section][option]
except (KeyError, ValueError, AttributeError):
raise e
def safeGetBoolean(self, section, field):
return self.getboolean(section, field)
except (ConfigParser.NoSectionError, ConfigParser.NoOptionError,
ValueError, AttributeError):
return False
def safeGetInt(self, section, field, default=0):
return self.getint(section, field)
except (ConfigParser.NoSectionError, ConfigParser.NoOptionError,
ValueError, AttributeError):
return default
def safeGet(self, section, option, default=None):
return self.get(section, option)
except (ConfigParser.NoSectionError, ConfigParser.NoOptionError,
ValueError, AttributeError):
return default
def items(self, section, raw=False, variables=None):
return ConfigParser.ConfigParser.items(self, section, True, variables)
def addresses(self):
return filter(
lambda x: x.startswith('BM-'), BMConfigParser().sections())
def read(self, filenames):, filenames)
for section in self.sections():
for option in self.options(section):
if not self.validate(
section, option,
ConfigParser.ConfigParser.get(self, section, option)
newVal = BMConfigDefaults[section][option]
except KeyError:
self, section, option, newVal)
except ConfigParser.InterpolationError:
def save(self):
fileName = os.path.join(state.appdata, 'keys.dat')
fileNameBak = '.'.join([
fileName,"%Y%j%H%M%S%f"), 'bak'])
# create a backup copy to prevent the accidental loss due to
# the disk write failure
shutil.copyfile(fileName, fileNameBak)
# The backup succeeded.
fileNameExisted = True
except (IOError, Exception):
# The backup failed. This can happen if the file
# didn't exist before.
fileNameExisted = False
# write the file
with open(fileName, 'wb') as configfile:
# delete the backup
if fileNameExisted:
def validate(self, section, option, value):
return getattr(self, 'validate_%s_%s' % (section, option))(value)
except AttributeError:
return True
def validate_bitmessagesettings_maxoutboundconnections(self, value):
value = int(value)
except ValueError:
return False
if value < 0 or value > 8:
return False
return True