Dmitri Bogomolov 7a89109fc9
New logging approach in order to reduce imports from submodules
and use logging without risk of circular import. Only subpackage
that imports from debug is bitmessageqt - because it also uses
Instead of from debug import logger is now recommended to use:

import logging

logger = logging.getLogger('default')

All subclasses of StoppableThread now have a logger attribute.
All threading related stuff except for set_thread_name()
was moved from helper_threading to network.threads.

Fixed two my mistakes from previous edit of debug in a1a8d3a:

 - logger.handlers is not dict but iterable
 - sys.excepthook should be set unconditionally
2019-10-18 09:35:24 +03:00

31 lines
765 B

import logging
from messagetypes import MsgBase
logger = logging.getLogger('default')
class Vote(MsgBase):
"""Module used to vote"""
def decode(self, data):
"""decode a vote"""
# pylint: disable=attribute-defined-outside-init
self.msgid = data["msgid"] = data["vote"]
def encode(self, data):
"""Encode a vote"""
super(Vote, self).__init__()
try:["msgid"] = data["msgid"]["vote"] = data["vote"]
except KeyError as e:
logger.error("Missing key %s", e)
def process(self):
"""Encode a vote"""
logger.debug("msgid: %s", self.msgid)
logger.debug("vote: %s",