Reference client for Bitmessage: a P2P encrypted decentralised communication protocol:
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import logging
from collections import namedtuple
from random import choice, sample, expovariate
from threading import RLock
from time import time
import connectionpool
import state
from queues import invQueue
from singleton import Singleton
# randomise routes after 600 seconds
# trigger fluff due to expiration
Stem = namedtuple('Stem', ['child', 'stream', 'timeout'])
logger = logging.getLogger('default')
class Dandelion(): # pylint: disable=old-style-class
"""Dandelion class for tracking stem/fluff stages."""
def __init__(self):
# currently assignable child stems
self.stem = []
# currently assigned parent <-> child mappings
self.nodeMap = {}
# currently existing objects in stem mode
self.hashMap = {}
# when to rerandomise routes
self.refresh = time() + REASSIGN_INTERVAL
self.lock = RLock()
def poissonTimeout(start=None, average=0):
"""Generate deadline using Poisson distribution"""
if start is None:
start = time()
if average == 0:
return start + expovariate(1.0 / average) + FLUFF_TRIGGER_FIXED_DELAY
def addHash(self, hashId, source=None, stream=1):
"""Add inventory vector to dandelion stem"""
if not state.dandelion:
with self.lock:
self.hashMap[hashId] = Stem(
def setHashStream(self, hashId, stream=1):
Update stream for inventory vector (as inv/dinv commands don't
include streams, we only learn this after receiving the object)
with self.lock:
if hashId in self.hashMap:
self.hashMap[hashId] = Stem(
def removeHash(self, hashId, reason="no reason specified"):
"""Switch inventory vector from stem to fluff mode"""
"%s entering fluff mode due to %s.",
''.join('%02x' % ord(i) for i in hashId), reason)
with self.lock:
del self.hashMap[hashId]
except KeyError:
def hasHash(self, hashId):
"""Is inventory vector in stem mode?"""
return hashId in self.hashMap
def objectChildStem(self, hashId):
"""Child (i.e. next) node for an inventory vector during stem mode"""
return self.hashMap[hashId].child
def maybeAddStem(self, connection):
If we had too few outbound connections, add the current one to the
current stem list. Dandelion as designed by the authors should
always have two active stem child connections.
# fewer than MAX_STEMS outbound connections at last reshuffle?
with self.lock:
if len(self.stem) < MAX_STEMS:
for k in (k for k, v in self.nodeMap.iteritems() if v is None):
self.nodeMap[k] = connection
for k, v in {
k: v for k, v in self.hashMap.iteritems()
if v.child is None
self.hashMap[k] = Stem(
connection,, self.poissonTimeout())
invQueue.put((, k, v.child))
def maybeRemoveStem(self, connection):
Remove current connection from the stem list (called e.g. when
a connection is closed).
# is the stem active?
with self.lock:
if connection in self.stem:
# active mappings to pointing to the removed node
for k in (
k for k, v in self.nodeMap.iteritems() if v == connection
self.nodeMap[k] = None
for k, v in {
k: v for k, v in self.hashMap.iteritems()
if v.child == connection
self.hashMap[k] = Stem(
None,, self.poissonTimeout())
def pickStem(self, parent=None):
Pick a random active stem, but not the parent one
(the one where an object came from)
# pick a random from available stems
stem = choice(range(len(self.stem)))
if self.stem[stem] == parent:
# one stem available and it's the parent
if len(self.stem) == 1:
return None
# else, pick the other one
return self.stem[1 - stem]
# all ok
return self.stem[stem]
except IndexError:
# no stems available
return None
def getNodeStem(self, node=None):
Return child stem node for a given parent stem node
(the mapping is static for about 10 minutes, then it reshuffles)
with self.lock:
return self.nodeMap[node]
except KeyError:
self.nodeMap[node] = self.pickStem(node)
return self.nodeMap[node]
def expire(self):
"""Switch expired objects from stem to fluff mode"""
with self.lock:
deadline = time()
toDelete = [
[, k, v.child] for k, v in self.hashMap.iteritems()
if v.timeout < deadline
for row in toDelete:
self.removeHash(row[1], 'expiration')
return toDelete
def reRandomiseStems(self):
"""Re-shuffle stem mapping (parent <-> child pairs)"""
with self.lock:
# random two connections
self.stem = sample(
).outboundConnections.values(), MAX_STEMS)
# not enough stems available
except ValueError:
self.stem = connectionpool.BMConnectionPool(
self.nodeMap = {}
# hashMap stays to cater for pending stems
self.refresh = time() + REASSIGN_INTERVAL