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import shared
# This is used so that the translateText function can be used when we are in daemon mode and not using any QT functions.
class translateClass:
def __init__(self, context, text):
self.context = context
self.text = text
def arg(self,argument):
if '%' in self.text:
return translateClass(self.context, self.text.replace('%','',1)) # This doesn't actually do anything with the arguments because we don't have a UI in which to display this information anyway.
return self.text
def _translate(context, text):
return translateText(context, text)
def translateText(context, text):
if not shared.safeConfigGetBoolean('bitmessagesettings', 'daemon'):
from PyQt4 import QtCore, QtGui
except Exception as err:
print 'PyBitmessage requires PyQt unless you want to run it as a daemon and interact with it using the API. You can download PyQt from or by searching Google for \'PyQt Download\'. If you want to run in daemon mode, see'
print 'Error message:', err
return QtGui.QApplication.translate(context, text)
if '%' in text:
return translateClass(context, text.replace('%','',1))
return text