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import ctypes
from PyQt4 import QtCore, QtGui
import ssl
import sys
import time
import account
from bmconfigparser import BMConfigParser
from debug import logger
import defaults
from foldertree import AccountMixin
from helper_sql import *
from l10n import getTranslationLanguage
from openclpow import openclAvailable, openclEnabled
import paths
import proofofwork
from pyelliptic.openssl import OpenSSL
from settings import getSOCKSProxyType
import queues
import network.stats
import state
from version import softwareVersion
# this is BM support address going to Peter Surda
SUPPORT_ADDRESS = 'BM-2cUdgkDDAahwPAU6oD2A7DnjqZz3hgY832'
SUPPORT_LABEL = 'PyBitmessage support'
SUPPORT_MY_LABEL = 'My new address'
SUPPORT_SUBJECT = 'Support request'
SUPPORT_MESSAGE = '''You can use this message to send a report to one of the PyBitmessage core developers regarding PyBitmessage or the email service. If you are using PyBitmessage involuntarily, for example because your computer was infected with ransomware, this is not an appropriate venue for resolving such issues.
Please describe what you are trying to do:
Please describe what you expect to happen:
Please describe what happens instead:
Please write above this line and if possible, keep the information about your environment below intact.
PyBitmessage version: {}
Operating system: {}
Architecture: {}bit
Python Version: {}
OpenSSL Version: {}
Frozen: {}
Portable mode: {}
C PoW: {}
OpenCL PoW: {}
Locale: {}
UPnP: {}
Connected hosts: {}
def checkAddressBook(myapp):
sqlExecute('''DELETE from addressbook WHERE address=?''', OLD_SUPPORT_ADDRESS)
queryreturn = sqlQuery('''SELECT * FROM addressbook WHERE address=?''', SUPPORT_ADDRESS)
if queryreturn == []:
sqlExecute('''INSERT INTO addressbook VALUES (?,?)''', str(QtGui.QApplication.translate("Support", SUPPORT_LABEL)), SUPPORT_ADDRESS)
def checkHasNormalAddress():
for address in account.getSortedAccounts():
acct = account.accountClass(address)
if acct.type == AccountMixin.NORMAL and BMConfigParser().safeGetBoolean(address, 'enabled'):
return address
return False
def createAddressIfNeeded(myapp):
if not checkHasNormalAddress():
queues.addressGeneratorQueue.put(('createRandomAddress', 4, 1, str(QtGui.QApplication.translate("Support", SUPPORT_MY_LABEL)), 1, "", False, defaults.networkDefaultProofOfWorkNonceTrialsPerByte, defaults.networkDefaultPayloadLengthExtraBytes))
while state.shutdown == 0 and not checkHasNormalAddress():
return checkHasNormalAddress()
def createSupportMessage(myapp):
address = createAddressIfNeeded(myapp)
if state.shutdown:
myapp.ui.lineEditSubject.setText(str(QtGui.QApplication.translate("Support", SUPPORT_SUBJECT)))
addrIndex = myapp.ui.comboBoxSendFrom.findData(address, QtCore.Qt.UserRole, QtCore.Qt.MatchFixedString | QtCore.Qt.MatchCaseSensitive)
if addrIndex == -1: # something is very wrong
version = softwareVersion
commit = paths.lastCommit().get('commit')
if commit:
version += " GIT " + commit
os = sys.platform
if os == "win32":
windowsversion = sys.getwindowsversion()
os = "Windows " + str(windowsversion[0]) + "." + str(windowsversion[1])
from os import uname
unixversion = uname()
os = unixversion[0] + " " + unixversion[2]
architecture = "32" if ctypes.sizeof(ctypes.c_voidp) == 4 else "64"
pythonversion = sys.version
opensslversion = "%s (Python internal), %s (external for PyElliptic)" % (ssl.OPENSSL_VERSION, OpenSSL._version)
frozen = "N/A"
if paths.frozen:
frozen = paths.frozen
portablemode = "True" if state.appdata == paths.lookupExeFolder() else "False"
cpow = "True" if proofofwork.bmpow else "False"
openclpow = str(
BMConfigParser().safeGet('bitmessagesettings', 'opencl')
) if openclEnabled() else "None"
locale = getTranslationLanguage()
socks = getSOCKSProxyType(BMConfigParser()) or "N/A"
upnp = BMConfigParser().safeGet('bitmessagesettings', 'upnp', "N/A")
connectedhosts = len(network.stats.connectedHostsList())
myapp.ui.textEditMessage.setText(str(QtGui.QApplication.translate("Support", SUPPORT_MESSAGE)).format(version, os, architecture, pythonversion, opensslversion, frozen, portablemode, cpow, openclpow, locale, socks, upnp, connectedhosts))
# single msg tab
# send tab