Peter Surda 67c8966a21
Windows compatibility fixes
- spec file for pyinstaller detects architecture (32 or 64bit)
- spec file uses os.path.join
- spec file creates and adds the list of messagetypes
- added MinGW/MSyS support in Makefile
- separate Makefile.msvc for MCVC
- bitmsghash.cpp minor adjustments to build also on MSVC/MinGW
- if frozen mode, messagetypes loads the list of files from a text file
  generated during archive building rather than from a directory
2017-02-19 14:48:53 +01:00

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cl /I C:\OpenSSL-1.0.2j\include /INCREMENTAL bitmsghash.cpp /MT /link /DLL /OUT:bitmsghash32.dll /LIBPATH:C:\OpenSSL-1.0.2j\lib\ libeay32.lib ws2_32.lib