Reference client for Bitmessage: a P2P encrypted decentralised communication protocol:
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from kivy.lang import Builder
from kivy.metrics import sp
from import OptionProperty, DictProperty, ListProperty
from kivy.uix.label import Label
from kivymd.material_resources import DEVICE_TYPE
from kivymd.theming import ThemableBehavior
disabled_color: self.theme_cls.disabled_hint_text_color
text_size: (self.width, None)
class MDLabel(ThemableBehavior, Label):
font_style = OptionProperty(
'Body1', options=['Body1', 'Body2', 'Caption', 'Subhead', 'Title',
'Headline', 'Display1', 'Display2', 'Display3',
'Display4', 'Button', 'Icon'])
# Font, Bold, Mobile size, Desktop size (None if same as Mobile)
_font_styles = DictProperty({'Body1': ['Roboto', False, 14, 13],
'Body2': ['Roboto', True, 14, 13],
'Caption': ['Roboto', False, 12, None],
'Subhead': ['Roboto', False, 16, 15],
'Title': ['Roboto', True, 20, None],
'Headline': ['Roboto', False, 24, None],
'Display1': ['Roboto', False, 34, None],
'Display2': ['Roboto', False, 45, None],
'Display3': ['Roboto', False, 56, None],
'Display4': ['RobotoLight', False, 112, None],
'Button': ['Roboto', True, 14, None],
'Icon': ['Icons', False, 24, None]})
theme_text_color = OptionProperty(None, allownone=True,
options=['Primary', 'Secondary', 'Hint',
'Error', 'Custom'])
text_color = ListProperty(None, allownone=True)
_currently_bound_property = {}
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
super(MDLabel, self).__init__(**kwargs)
self.on_theme_text_color(None, self.theme_text_color)
self.on_font_style(None, self.font_style)
self.on_opposite_colors(None, self.opposite_colors)
def on_font_style(self, instance, style):
info = self._font_styles[style]
self.font_name = info[0]
self.bold = info[1]
if DEVICE_TYPE == 'desktop' and info[3] is not None:
self.font_size = sp(info[3])
self.font_size = sp(info[2])
def on_theme_text_color(self, instance, value):
t = self.theme_cls
op = self.opposite_colors
setter = self.setter('color')
c = {}
if value == 'Primary':
c = {'text_color' if not op else 'opposite_text_color': setter}
self.color = t.text_color if not op else t.opposite_text_color
elif value == 'Secondary':
c = {'secondary_text_color' if not op else
'opposite_secondary_text_color': setter}
self.color = t.secondary_text_color if not op else \
elif value == 'Hint':
c = {'disabled_hint_text_color' if not op else
'opposite_disabled_hint_text_color': setter}
self.color = t.disabled_hint_text_color if not op else \
elif value == 'Error':
c = {'error_color': setter}
self.color = t.error_color
elif value == 'Custom':
self.color = self.text_color if self.text_color else (0, 0, 0, 1)
self._currently_bound_property = c
def on_text_color(self, *args):
if self.theme_text_color == 'Custom':
self.color = self.text_color
def on_opposite_colors(self, instance, value):
self.on_theme_text_color(self, self.theme_text_color)