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Manipulations with knownNodes dictionary.
import json
import logging
import os
import pickle
import threading
import time
import state
from bmconfigparser import BMConfigParser
from network.node import Peer
knownNodesLock = threading.Lock()
"""Thread lock for knownnodes modification"""
knownNodes = {stream: {} for stream in range(1, 4)}
"""The dict of known nodes for each stream"""
knownNodesTrimAmount = 2000
"""trim stream knownnodes dict to this length"""
knownNodesForgetRating = -0.5
"""forget a node after rating is this low"""
knownNodesActual = False
logger = logging.getLogger('default')
Peer('', 8444),
Peer('', 8444),
Peer('', 8444),
Peer('', 8444),
Peer('', 8080),
Peer('', 8448),
Peer('', 8111),
Peer('', 1195),
Peer('', 8444)
def json_serialize_knownnodes(output):
Reorganize knownnodes dict and write it as JSON to output
_serialized = []
for stream, peers in knownNodes.iteritems():
for peer, info in peers.iteritems():
info.update(rating=round(info.get('rating', 0), 2))
'stream': stream, 'peer': peer._asdict(), 'info': info
json.dump(_serialized, output, indent=4)
def json_deserialize_knownnodes(source):
Read JSON from source and make knownnodes dict
global knownNodesActual # pylint: disable=global-statement
for node in json.load(source):
peer = node['peer']
info = node['info']
peer = Peer(str(peer['host']), peer.get('port', 8444))
knownNodes[node['stream']][peer] = info
if not (knownNodesActual
or info.get('self')) and peer not in DEFAULT_NODES:
knownNodesActual = True
def pickle_deserialize_old_knownnodes(source):
Unpickle source and reorganize knownnodes dict if it has old format
the old format was {Peer:lastseen, ...}
the new format is {Peer:{"lastseen":i, "rating":f}}
global knownNodes # pylint: disable=global-statement
knownNodes = pickle.load(source)
for stream in knownNodes.keys():
for node, params in knownNodes[stream].iteritems():
if isinstance(params, (float, int)):
addKnownNode(stream, node, params)
def saveKnownNodes(dirName=None):
"""Save knownnodes to filesystem"""
if dirName is None:
dirName = state.appdata
with knownNodesLock:
with open(os.path.join(dirName, 'knownnodes.dat'), 'wb') as output:
def addKnownNode(stream, peer, lastseen=None, is_self=False):
"""Add a new node to the dict"""
knownNodes[stream][peer] = {
"lastseen": lastseen or time.time(),
"rating": 1 if is_self else 0,
"self": is_self,
def createDefaultKnownNodes():
"""Creating default Knownnodes"""
past = time.time() - 2418600 # 28 days - 10 min
for peer in DEFAULT_NODES:
addKnownNode(1, peer, past)
def readKnownNodes():
"""Load knownnodes from filesystem"""
with open(state.appdata + 'knownnodes.dat', 'rb') as source:
with knownNodesLock:
except ValueError:
except (IOError, OSError, KeyError, EOFError):
'Failed to read nodes from knownnodes.dat', exc_info=True)
config = BMConfigParser()
# your own onion address, if setup
onionhostname = config.safeGet('bitmessagesettings', 'onionhostname')
if onionhostname and ".onion" in onionhostname:
onionport = config.safeGetInt('bitmessagesettings', 'onionport')
if onionport:
self_peer = Peer(onionhostname, onionport)
addKnownNode(1, self_peer, is_self=True)
state.ownAddresses[self_peer] = True
def increaseRating(peer):
"""Increase rating of a peer node"""
increaseAmount = 0.1
maxRating = 1
with knownNodesLock:
for stream in knownNodes.keys():
knownNodes[stream][peer]["rating"] = min(
knownNodes[stream][peer]["rating"] + increaseAmount,
except KeyError:
def decreaseRating(peer):
"""Decrease rating of a peer node"""
decreaseAmount = 0.1
minRating = -1
with knownNodesLock:
for stream in knownNodes.keys():
knownNodes[stream][peer]["rating"] = max(
knownNodes[stream][peer]["rating"] - decreaseAmount,
except KeyError:
def trimKnownNodes(recAddrStream=1):
"""Triming Knownnodes"""
if len(knownNodes[recAddrStream]) < \
BMConfigParser().safeGetInt("knownnodes", "maxnodes"):
with knownNodesLock:
oldestList = sorted(
key=lambda x: x['lastseen']
for oldest in oldestList:
del knownNodes[recAddrStream][oldest]
def dns():
"""Add DNS names to knownnodes"""
for port in [8080, 8444]:
1, Peer('' % port, port))
def cleanupKnownNodes():
Cleanup knownnodes: remove old nodes and nodes with low rating
now = int(time.time())
needToWriteKnownNodesToDisk = False
with knownNodesLock:
for stream in knownNodes:
if stream not in state.streamsInWhichIAmParticipating:
keys = knownNodes[stream].keys()
for node in keys:
if len(knownNodes[stream]) <= 1: # leave at least one node
age = now - knownNodes[stream][node]["lastseen"]
# scrap old nodes (age > 28 days)
if age > 2419200:
needToWriteKnownNodesToDisk = True
del knownNodes[stream][node]
# scrap old nodes (age > 3 hours) with low rating
if (age > 10800 and knownNodes[stream][node]["rating"]
<= knownNodesForgetRating):
needToWriteKnownNodesToDisk = True
del knownNodes[stream][node]
except TypeError:
logger.warning('Error in %s', node)
keys = []
# Let us write out the knowNodes to disk
# if there is anything new to write out.
if needToWriteKnownNodesToDisk: