Reference client for Bitmessage: a P2P encrypted decentralised communication protocol:
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#!/usr/bin/env python2.7
Module for Proof of Work using OpenCL
from struct import pack, unpack
import hashlib
import os
from bmconfigparser import BMConfigParser
import paths
from state import shutdown
from debug import logger
libAvailable = True
ctx = False
queue = False
program = False
gpus = []
enabledGpus = []
vendors = []
hash_dt = None
import pyopencl as cl
import numpy
except ImportError:
libAvailable = False
def initCL():
"""Initlialise OpenCL engine"""
# pylint: disable=global-statement
global ctx, queue, program, hash_dt, libAvailable
if libAvailable is False:
del enabledGpus[:]
del vendors[:]
del gpus[:]
ctx = False
hash_dt = numpy.dtype([('target', numpy.uint64), ('v', numpy.str_, 73)])
for platform in cl.get_platforms():
if BMConfigParser().safeGet("bitmessagesettings", "opencl") == platform.vendor:
if platform.vendor not in vendors:
if enabledGpus:
ctx = cl.Context(devices=enabledGpus)
queue = cl.CommandQueue(ctx)
f = open(os.path.join(paths.codePath(), "bitmsghash", ''), 'r')
fstr = ''.join(f.readlines())
program = cl.Program(ctx, fstr).build(options="")"Loaded OpenCL kernel")
else:"No OpenCL GPUs found")
del enabledGpus[:]
except Exception:
logger.error("OpenCL fail: ", exc_info=True)
del enabledGpus[:]
def openclAvailable():
"""Are there any OpenCL GPUs available?"""
return bool(gpus)
def openclEnabled():
"""Is OpenCL enabled (and available)?"""
return bool(enabledGpus)
def do_opencl_pow(hash_, target):
"""Perform PoW using OpenCL"""
output = numpy.zeros(1, dtype=[('v', numpy.uint64, 1)])
if not enabledGpus:
return output[0][0]
data = numpy.zeros(1, dtype=hash_dt, order='C')
data[0]['v'] = ("0000000000000000" + hash_).decode("hex")
data[0]['target'] = target
hash_buf = cl.Buffer(ctx, cl.mem_flags.READ_ONLY | cl.mem_flags.COPY_HOST_PTR, hostbuf=data)
dest_buf = cl.Buffer(ctx, cl.mem_flags.WRITE_ONLY, output.nbytes)
kernel = program.kernel_sha512
worksize = kernel.get_work_group_info(cl.kernel_work_group_info.WORK_GROUP_SIZE, enabledGpus[0])
kernel.set_arg(0, hash_buf)
kernel.set_arg(1, dest_buf)
progress = 0
globamt = worksize * 2000
while output[0][0] == 0 and shutdown == 0:
kernel.set_arg(2, pack("<Q", progress))
cl.enqueue_nd_range_kernel(queue, kernel, (globamt,), (worksize,))
cl.enqueue_read_buffer(queue, dest_buf, output)
except AttributeError:
cl.enqueue_copy(queue, output, dest_buf)
progress += globamt
if shutdown != 0:
raise Exception("Interrupted")
# logger.debug("Took %d tries.", progress)
return output[0][0]
if __name__ == "__main__":
target_ = 54227212183
initialHash = ("3758f55b5a8d902fd3597e4ce6a2d3f23daff735f65d9698c270987f4e67ad590"
nonce = do_opencl_pow(initialHash.encode("hex"), target_)
trialValue, = unpack(
'>Q', hashlib.sha512(hashlib.sha512(pack('>Q', nonce) + initialHash).digest()).digest()[0:8])
print "{} - value {} < {}".format(nonce, trialValue, target_)