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Added: Sphinx docs, testing readthedocs integration
* Added: Sphinx configuration including readthedocs config
 * Added: Sphinx fabric task to auto-document the project
 * Fixed: Some issues in the code causing autodoc to fail when parsing
 * Added: Manual docs - structure, proof of concepts and RsT examples
 * Fixed: RsT formatting in docstrings
 * Fixed: Some adjacent minor style and lint issues
2018-06-13 10:07:45 +01:00

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In other to keep the Bitmessage project running the team run a number of systems and accounts that form the
development pipeline and continuous delivery process. We are always striving to improve the process. Towards
that end it is documented here.
Project website
The bitmessage website_
Our official Github_ account is Bitmessage. Our issue tracker is here as well.
We eat our own dog food! You can send us bug reports via the Bitmessage chan at xxx
.. _website:
.. _Github: