Reference client for Bitmessage: a P2P encrypted decentralised communication protocol:
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import Queue
import threading
import time
import addresses
from bmconfigparser import BMConfigParser
from debug import logger
from helper_threading import StoppableThread
from inventory import Inventory
from network.connectionpool import BMConnectionPool
from network.bmproto import BMProto
import protocol
class ReceiveQueueThread(threading.Thread, StoppableThread):
def __init__(self):
threading.Thread.__init__(self, name="ReceiveQueueThread")
self.initStop() = "ReceiveQueueThread"
BMConnectionPool()"init receive queue thread")
def run(self):
lastprinted = int(time.time())
while not self._stopped:
if lastprinted < int(time.time()):
lastprinted = int(time.time())
processed = 0
for i in BMConnectionPool().inboundConnections.values() + BMConnectionPool().outboundConnections.values():
if self._stopped:
command, args = i.receiveQueue.get(False)
except Queue.Empty:
processed += 1
getattr(self, "command_" + str(command))(i, args)
except AttributeError:
# missing command
if processed == 0:
def command_object(self, connection, objHash):
connection.writeQueue.put(protocol.CreatePacket('object', Inventory()[objHash].payload))
except KeyError:
logger.warning('%s asked for an object with a getdata which is not in either our memory inventory or our SQL inventory. We probably cleaned it out after advertising it but before they got around to asking for it.' % (connection.destination,))
def command_biginv(self, connection, dummy):
def sendChunk():
if objectCount == 0:
logger.debug('Sending huge inv message with %i objects to just this one peer', objectCount)
connection.writeQueue.put(protocol.CreatePacket('inv', addresses.encodeVarint(objectCount) + payload))
# Select all hashes for objects in this stream.
bigInvList = {}
for stream in connection.streams:
for objHash in Inventory().unexpired_hashes_by_stream(stream):
bigInvList[objHash] = 0
connection.objectsNewToThem[objHash] = True
objectCount = 0
payload = b''
# Now let us start appending all of these hashes together. They will be
# sent out in a big inv message to our new peer.
for hash, storedValue in bigInvList.items():
payload += hash
objectCount += 1
if objectCount >= BMProto.maxObjectCount:
payload = b''
objectCount = 0
# flush
def command_inv(self, connection, hashId):
def stopThread(self):
super(ReceiveQueueThread, self).stopThread()