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Reduce cyclic dependencies
- rearranged code to reduce cyclic dependencies
- doCleanShutdown is separated in
- shared queues are separated in
- some default values were moved to
- knownnodes partially moved to
2017-02-08 13:41:56 +01:00

17 lines
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from helper_sql import *
import queues
def insert(t):
sqlExecute('''INSERT INTO inbox VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)''', *t)
#shouldn't emit changedInboxUnread and displayNewInboxMessage at the same time
#queues.UISignalQueue.put(('changedInboxUnread', None))
def trash(msgid):
sqlExecute('''UPDATE inbox SET folder='trash' WHERE msgid=?''', msgid)
def isMessageAlreadyInInbox(sigHash):
queryReturn = sqlQuery(
'''SELECT COUNT(*) FROM inbox WHERE sighash=?''', sigHash)
return queryReturn[0][0] != 0