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PyElliptic is a high level wrapper for the cryptographic library : OpenSSL. Under the GNU General Public License

Python3 compatible. For GNU/Linux and Windows. Require OpenSSL


Asymmetric cryptography using Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)

  • Key agreement : ECDH
  • Digital signatures : ECDSA
  • Hybrid encryption : ECIES (like RSA)

Symmetric cryptography

  • AES-128 (CBC, OFB, CFB)
  • AES-256 (CBC, OFB, CFB)
  • Blowfish (CFB and CBC)
  • RC4


  • HMAC (using SHA512)
  • PBKDF2 (SHA256 and SHA512)



import pyelliptic

# Symmetric encryption
iv = pyelliptic.Cipher.gen_IV('aes-256-cfb')
ctx = pyelliptic.Cipher("secretkey", iv, 1, ciphername='aes-256-cfb')

ciphertext = ctx.update('test1')
ciphertext += ctx.update('test2')
ciphertext +=

ctx2 = pyelliptic.Cipher("secretkey", iv, 0, ciphername='aes-256-cfb')
print ctx2.ciphering(ciphertext)

# Asymmetric encryption
alice = pyelliptic.ECC() # default curve: sect283r1
bob = pyelliptic.ECC(curve='sect571r1')

ciphertext = alice.encrypt("Hello Bob", bob.get_pubkey())
print bob.decrypt(ciphertext)

signature = bob.sign("Hello Alice")
# alice's job :
print pyelliptic.ECC(pubkey=bob.get_pubkey()).verify(signature, "Hello Alice")

# ERROR !!!
    key = alice.get_ecdh_key(bob.get_pubkey())
except: print("For ECDH key agreement, the keys must be defined on the same curve !")

alice = pyelliptic.ECC(curve='sect571r1')
print alice.get_ecdh_key(bob.get_pubkey()).encode('hex')
print bob.get_ecdh_key(alice.get_pubkey()).encode('hex')