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# PyBitMessgae_AutoResponder
It is an autoresponder script in which all the sending and receiving messages done by automatically.
The aim of this python script is to run an bitmessages application automatically.This script will monitor the reponses from Responder and perform accordingly.
This script loads all the inbox messages and sent response automatically to each messages.They are triggered based on rules and time intervals that are defined.
This send message from one node to another node automatically. This reduces the manual work of sending response to recipient.
For example,
when somebody send a new messages to your address, they immediately receive response/message from your address.
And when somebody sends messages from same address continously(repeatedly) then it will skip those messages and after having completion of 5 minutes interval they receive reponses in the gap of 5 minute
and in between that if another address's message appears in the list of inbox messages it will respond that address immediately.skiping the messages recieved from same address continuosuly and respond them within a interval of 5 mintues.
For more information about Bitmessage, please visit https://www.bitmessage.org
Clone the repo:
git clone https://git.bitmessage.org/prachiyadav/PyBitMessage_AutoResponder && cd PyBitMessage_AutoResponder
And.. you're done.
Run the application
Before running this script please run the bitmessages application,because if you dont run your application simultenously you can get a connection error.
1.For running the application use ->
Python autoresponder_mailing.py