2017-09-10 15:40:01 +03:00

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Code contributions to the Bitmessage project

  • try to explain what the code is about
  • try to follow PEP0008
  • make the pull request against the "v0.6" branch
  • it should be possible to do a fast-forward merge of the pull requests
  • PGP-sign the commits included in the pull request
  • You can get paid for merged commits if you register at Tip4Commit

If for some reason you don't want to use github, you can submit the patch using Bitmessage to the "bitmessage" chan, or to one of the developers.


For helping with translations, please use Transifex. There is no need to submit pull requests for translations. For translating technical terms it is recommended to consult the Microsoft Language Portal.