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from PyQt4 import QtGui
import hashlib
import os
import shared
from addresses import addBMIfNotPresent
from configparser import BMConfigParser
import state
str_broadcast_subscribers = '[Broadcast subscribers]'
str_chan = '[chan]'
def identiconize(address):
size = 48
# If you include another identicon library, please generate an
# example identicon with the following md5 hash:
# 3fd4bf901b9d4ea1394f0fb358725b28
identicon_lib = BMConfigParser().get('bitmessagesettings', 'identiconlib')
# default to qidenticon_two_x
identicon_lib = 'qidenticon_two_x'
# As an 'identiconsuffix' you could put "" or "@bm.addr" to make it compatible with other identicon generators. (Note however, that E-Mail programs might convert the BM-address to lowercase first.)
# It can be used as a pseudo-password to salt the generation of the identicons to decrease the risk
# of attacks where someone creates an address to mimic someone else's identicon.
identiconsuffix = BMConfigParser().get('bitmessagesettings', 'identiconsuffix')
if not BMConfigParser().getboolean('bitmessagesettings', 'useidenticons'):
idcon = QtGui.QIcon()
return idcon
if (identicon_lib[:len('qidenticon')] == 'qidenticon'):
# print identicon_lib
# originally by:
# :Author:Shin Adachi <>
# Licesensed under FreeBSD License.
# stripped from PIL and uses QT instead (by sendiulo, same license)
import qidenticon
hash = hashlib.md5(addBMIfNotPresent(address)+identiconsuffix).hexdigest()
use_two_colors = (identicon_lib[:len('qidenticon_two')] == 'qidenticon_two')
opacity = int(not((identicon_lib == 'qidenticon_x') | (identicon_lib == 'qidenticon_two_x') | (identicon_lib == 'qidenticon_b') | (identicon_lib == 'qidenticon_two_b')))*255
penwidth = 0
image = qidenticon.render_identicon(int(hash, 16), size, use_two_colors, opacity, penwidth)
# filename = './images/identicons/'+hash+'.png'
idcon = QtGui.QIcon()
idcon.addPixmap(image, QtGui.QIcon.Normal, QtGui.QIcon.Off)
return idcon
elif identicon_lib == 'pydenticon':
# print identicon_lib
# Here you could load (just put it in the "src" folder of your Bitmessage source)
from pydenticon import Pydenticon
# It is not included in the source, because it is licensed under GPLv3
# GPLv3 is a copyleft license that would influence our licensing
# Find the source here:
# note that it requires PIL to be installed:
idcon_render = Pydenticon(addBMIfNotPresent(address)+identiconsuffix, size*3)
rendering = idcon_render._render()
data = rendering.convert("RGBA").tostring("raw", "RGBA")
qim = QImage(data, size, size, QImage.Format_ARGB32)
pix = QPixmap.fromImage(qim)
idcon = QtGui.QIcon()
idcon.addPixmap(pix, QtGui.QIcon.Normal, QtGui.QIcon.Off)
return idcon
def avatarize(address):
loads a supported image for the given address' hash form 'avatars' folder
falls back to default avatar if 'default.*' file exists
falls back to identiconize(address)
idcon = QtGui.QIcon()
hash = hashlib.md5(addBMIfNotPresent(address)).hexdigest()
str_broadcast_subscribers = '[Broadcast subscribers]'
if address == str_broadcast_subscribers:
# don't hash [Broadcast subscribers]
hash = address
# print QImageReader.supportedImageFormats ()
# QImageReader.supportedImageFormats ()
extensions = ['PNG', 'GIF', 'JPG', 'JPEG', 'SVG', 'BMP', 'MNG', 'PBM', 'PGM', 'PPM', 'TIFF', 'XBM', 'XPM', 'TGA']
# try to find a specific avatar
for ext in extensions:
lower_hash = state.appdata + 'avatars/' + hash + '.' + ext.lower()
upper_hash = state.appdata + 'avatars/' + hash + '.' + ext.upper()
if os.path.isfile(lower_hash):
# print 'found avatar of ', address
return idcon
elif os.path.isfile(upper_hash):
# print 'found avatar of ', address
return idcon
# if we haven't found any, try to find a default avatar
for ext in extensions:
lower_default = state.appdata + 'avatars/' + 'default.' + ext.lower()
upper_default = state.appdata + 'avatars/' + 'default.' + ext.upper()
if os.path.isfile(lower_default):
default = lower_default
return idcon
elif os.path.isfile(upper_default):
default = upper_default
return idcon
# If no avatar is found
return identiconize(address)