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ikarakatsanis c16d9787d2 feature1_v3_AQWA 2013-10-03 18:29:50 +04:00
ikarakatsanis d487b522cf feature_v1 2013-10-02 04:14:53 +04:00
Jonathan Warren 498928405b Chan fix: initial work completed 2013-09-29 19:24:27 -04:00
ikarakatsanis e1fc820226 changes in keys.dat, edit hours/days/months is working now, variable time_period inserted 2013-09-28 04:47:16 +04:00
sendiulo 21005fb0a8 - add the settings also for old users 2013-09-21 17:06:54 +02:00
sendiulo aed489a2bc Merge branch 'upstream/master'
2013-09-21 16:24:14 +02:00
sendiulo cd2c55dd2d removed bug: sent icon wrongly put into column 0 instead of 1 2013-09-21 14:49:30 +02:00
sendiulo d6bd2b3938 - GUI settings done 2013-09-21 14:31:47 +02:00
sendiulo a58164d831 - additional identicon type "empty" if you want to have a placeholder
- place image named 'default.*' to display a generic user icon as fallback
- place image named '[Broadcast Subscribers].*' to set the icon for broadcasts
2013-09-21 13:21:36 +02:00
sendiulo 9a1226ba37 - "set avatar" via context menu
- remove avatar by canceling "set avatar"
- get FROM address labels also from YourIdentities
2013-09-21 09:41:23 +02:00
sendiulo c1cbdc1b99 load avatar from file 2013-09-20 14:30:53 +02:00
sendiulo 31affd438f avatarize 2013-09-19 21:28:22 +02:00
sendiulo 86485a9b09 nonfunctional identicon settings-GUI 2013-09-18 17:39:45 +02:00
Jonathan Warren 02ea2a50d3 more v4 address work. Should be done. 2013-09-18 00:04:01 -04:00
sendiulo 0959c9c07c ... 2013-09-17 10:55:26 +02:00
sendiulo 240e9b5b58 Updated to work with QPixmap instead of PIL!
The original source is licensed under a BSD-License, so it should be fine to use.
2013-09-16 21:08:55 +02:00
Jonathan Warren 56168e82b5 most initial work on v4 pubkeys completed 2013-09-13 00:27:34 -04:00
Gergö Barany 4765705764 More informative "message truncated" text that tells users what to do to
view the full message.
2013-09-11 12:18:13 +02:00
Jonathan Warren 08024748b0 Merge pull request #482 from grant-olson/add_delete_addressbook
addAddressBook and deleteAddressBook API calls
2013-09-05 11:06:06 -07:00
Grant T. Olson db81f0c11e Add add/deleteAddressBook APIs, extract address verification into reuable code, and make some QT stuff re-renderable 2013-09-05 06:31:52 -04:00
Jonathan Warren c06bbc14f8 Give user feedback when disk is full 2013-09-04 20:14:25 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 9283ce8776 When replying using chan address, send to whole chan not just sender 2013-09-04 17:33:39 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 7ccdd14418 fix #474 2013-09-04 12:53:18 -04:00
sendiulo a9fb87173f now it should also work with the other identicon file 2013-09-04 13:45:23 +02:00
Jonathan Warren 6159d5e622 Show inventory lookup rate on Network Status tab 2013-09-03 18:08:29 -04:00
Jonathan Warren f64461feb0 fixes to new SQL refactoring 2013-09-02 23:14:43 -04:00
Jonathan Warren ea3cf9e00e minor changes to previous commit 2013-09-02 18:24:22 -04:00
sendiulo 9b28e1932d quoted out the BSD licensed code (as i didn't get it to work properly yet) 2013-08-30 09:02:49 +02:00
Grant T. Olson 2165157c6e Fixed regression in adding to address book 2013-08-29 11:16:59 -04:00
sendiulo 07b67051c9 Identicons now in new messages and in the From combobox.
[Broadcast Subscribers] gets the Bitmessage Icon for identification. This is hard-coded now, I would favour to put [Broadcast Subscribers] as a fixed item into the Address Book, so you can set an avatar as soon as i implement avatars.

Still no options yet: There will be an option to disable Identicons and Avatars separately. Another option will be for the suffix (to mimic adresses like "" or to add a personal "salt" to prevent identicon attacks where someone creates an address with an identicon that looks alike the one of a known address). Also, identicon size (coupled with row height) should be available, but is of low priority.

Next step (after the settings) is to load specific avatars for each address.
2013-08-28 16:50:46 +02:00
Grant T. Olson 8b750be136 Merge branch 'master' into sql_refactor 2013-08-28 10:44:39 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 83ffab9e4a manually merge #431 2013-08-27 22:38:32 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 0d5f2680d4 various modifications to previous commit regarding ability to select language 2013-08-27 22:29:39 -04:00
Grant T. Olson 7a53d2950b Have bitmessageqt use sql helpers 2013-08-27 09:55:37 -04:00
sendiulo 6c20d83edc Merge branch 'upstream/master'
2013-08-27 12:10:46 +02:00
sendiulo deeac2c99b Identicons working in most lists, but not working for new items yet.
There are no settings yet.
2013-08-27 11:47:14 +02:00
Jonathan Warren 4396bc7f97 manually undid much of pull #287. Discussion in #398 2013-08-25 19:31:54 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 83f3d81251 Merge pull request #439 from Atheros1/master
Small package modifications
2013-08-25 11:11:18 -07:00
Jonathan Warren a5c65f11e8 resolve merge conflict 2013-08-24 20:18:46 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 9a4d7a7801 Merge pull request #435 from Atheros1/master
show number of each message type processed in the API command clientStat...
2013-08-24 16:48:57 -07:00
Jonathan Warren 0132db33dc show number of each message type processed in the API command clientStatus 2013-08-24 19:40:48 -04:00
sendiulo a36c696f9d Now the userlocale can be set manually in the keys.dat without being overwritten (e.g. for importing language files that aren't already in the main code). 2013-08-24 09:21:59 +02:00
sendiulo da93d1d8b4 Combobox for language selection.
Unfortunately, I didn't manage to automatically provide all the languages that are available as *.qm files. By now we have to manually set the combobox items and the list for the languages in the bitmessageqt/
2013-08-24 09:07:46 +02:00
sendiulo a6b946f5be Enable user-set loclization. There is a checkbox in the settings to switch this on and off. The text field in the settings can be filled with the appropriate language code.
I've set it to degrade to language codes in both the user-set locale and the imported default locale, e.g. if there is no 'en_US' then use 'en' (like grant olsons commit).
2013-08-21 16:08:22 +02:00
Grant T. Olson 8895676317 Fallback to language only localization 2013-08-20 08:41:28 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 553a164c3b Merge pull request #404 from grant-olson/detect_RE_as_reply
Count RE: as a reply header, just like Re: so we don't chain Re: RE: RE:...
2013-08-15 13:15:15 -07:00
Jonathan Warren b092df7e58 added some more error handling 2013-08-14 19:46:59 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 077177b742 Dont show Fetch button if cannot connect to Namecoin 2013-08-14 18:59:50 -04:00
Grant T. Olson 8e01727ee4 Count RE: as a reply header, just like Re: so we don't chain Re: RE: RE: subject when replying. Fixes Bitmessage/PyBitmessage #382 2013-08-12 20:36:44 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 27f10f6ac1 fix merge conflicts 2013-08-12 00:09:36 -04:00
Bob Mottram 3ff76875aa Packaging updated to be architecture independent 2013-08-11 12:07:54 +01:00
Jonathan Warren cdec4ad506 Added option in settings menu to allow sending to mobile 2013-08-08 15:37:48 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 17533237fe some initial work done to support particular android client 2013-08-02 18:35:31 -04:00
Jonathan Warren db31cb4147 Merge pull request #363 from akh81/locale-bug-fix
fixed the bug with getting the wrong locale
2013-08-02 08:14:36 -07:00
akh81 f322696e20 fixed the bug with getting the wrong locale 2013-08-01 18:21:10 -05:00
Dag Robøle 6a44ded7fc Fixed a problem with sticky bold fonts 2013-08-01 19:01:07 +02:00
Bob Mottram 7606106096 Tidying 2013-08-01 14:48:01 +01:00
Bob Mottram b06ee336ad Time is reset only when a sound is played #355 2013-08-01 09:58:30 +01:00
Bob Mottram dda530ca07 Set a maximum frequency for playing sounds 2013-07-31 22:25:34 +01:00
Daniel Kraft 665659f214 Merge branch 'master' of into namecoin-id
2013-07-27 08:24:52 +02:00
nimdahk 5d2eb5ef1c more comments on the mark unread implementation 2013-07-25 23:56:38 -04:00
Nimda 43cbf69103 Tabs are the root of all evil 2013-07-25 22:20:53 -04:00
Nimda ddaa1413a6 Remove selecting of next message.
It doesn't seem to be necessary, and it would always fail if there was only
one message in the inbox.
2013-07-25 22:10:22 -04:00
Nimda d3dfc5a0f7 initial commit. Probably broken. 2013-07-25 22:00:54 -04:00
Jonathan Warren ebccf1e6e0 Merge branch 'master' of into askToConnectFirst 2013-07-24 11:46:41 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 350e8d66c7 Prompt user to connect at first startup 2013-07-24 11:46:28 -04:00
Jonathan Warren daa058528f Merge branch 'master' of 2013-07-24 00:30:40 -04:00
Jonathan Warren f5e17eeeaa Moved code to add the sockslisten config option to a spot where it will actually work properly 2013-07-24 00:29:30 -04:00
Jonathan Warren a76939114e manual merge2 2013-07-23 17:05:42 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 5c93835f09 Merge pull request #321 from neko259/master
Use system text color for enabled addresses instead of black
2013-07-23 13:20:18 -07:00
Jonathan Warren 5c1d737313 manual merge 2013-07-23 15:36:12 -04:00
neko259 3638ed8856 Use system text color for enabled addresses instead of black 2013-07-22 21:28:51 +03:00
DivineOmega b488bb5cda Fixes double [chan] appearing when adding chan to address book 2013-07-22 10:40:19 +01:00
Jonathan Warren 9c7e6600fa Modified one line to support international characters 2013-07-22 01:41:50 -04:00
Jonathan Warren a3dd730c2a add one line to last commit 2013-07-22 01:20:36 -04:00
Jonathan Warren d036ca18ed Completed chan integration in the GUI 2013-07-22 01:10:22 -04:00
Bob Mottram cfc23718ed Added exception handling for sound playing dependencies 2013-07-20 10:55:03 +01:00
Daniel Kraft 810387df3e Read also rpcport from namecoin.conf.
Read also the rpcport setting from namecoin.conf when it is
available and use that as default when switching the setting
in the UI dialog.
2013-07-17 18:33:26 +02:00
Daniel Kraft a2fe6a1b44 Merge branch 'master' of into namecoin-id
2013-07-17 18:15:45 +02:00
Jonathan Warren 151ca020df Correct indent on a single line 2013-07-15 19:36:37 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 73f3b5d92c Merge pull request #297 from mybluevan/master
Adding configuration to listen for incoming connections when connected via SOCKS proxy
2013-07-15 15:05:15 -07:00
Jonathan Warren 08694ecc38 Portable mode moves debug.log 2013-07-15 15:45:03 -04:00
fuzzgun a7a2de1d24 Fixed freeze on Ubuntu 2013-07-15 18:13:21 +01:00
fuzzgun 3e13468695 Use 2013-07-15 17:58:22 +01:00
fuzzgun 1ab664564b Play sounds on connection/disconnection or when messages arrive 2013-07-15 17:01:12 +01:00
David Nichols 97f0c56aa8 Adding configuration option to listen for connections when operating with a SOCKS proxy. 2013-07-12 13:03:09 -05:00
Rainulf Pineda a3cdc28bbf Fixed crash on sql query. 2013-07-12 05:02:21 -04:00
Rainulf Pineda 997a8ff13a Sent search. 2013-07-12 04:42:52 -04:00
Rainulf Pineda 45cfead4d0 Inbox search. 2013-07-12 04:24:24 -04:00
Daniel Kraft 92e2970767 Support NMControl.
Optionally support querying nmcontrol instead of namecoind,
including UI for selecting the preference.
2013-07-07 20:04:57 +02:00
Daniel Kraft 06bdc030bd Report success in status bar.
Report success when fetching a BM address from
namecoin in the status bar.
2013-07-07 18:43:09 +02:00
Daniel Kraft 213d92b88a Add UI to test namecoin connection.
Add a test button to namecoin UI settings, which tries
out the connection and reports its result back.  Also use
namecoin.conf as config file to load default RPC user/pass
combination from.
2013-07-07 18:41:13 +02:00
Daniel Kraft 68fbc4b344 UI for namecoin connection settings.
Add a pane to the settings dialog UI which allows to edit
the connection settings for namecoin.
2013-07-07 17:34:43 +02:00
Daniel Kraft 7c89bacca5 Merge branch 'master' of into namecoin-id 2013-07-07 16:59:58 +02:00
Jonathan Warren a3d21dc880 Merge pull request #280 from RemideZ/master
macOSX compatibility
2013-07-05 15:29:07 -07:00
Jonathan Warren 39f4f85b11 removed apparently unnecessary loop 2013-07-05 16:43:40 -04:00
Jonathan Warren 1f8eee4119 removed apparently unnecessary loop 2013-07-05 16:01:20 -04:00
Daniel Kraft 03bb54fc98 Handle options for RPC connection.
Handle config options for RPC connection, and also implement loading
default user/password from namecoin config file.  No UI yet.
2013-07-05 20:08:19 +02:00
Daniel Kraft 09c0aa993f Implement JSON RPC myself.
Write my own implementation of JSON RPC and HTTP queries, because
the jsonrpc module failed to let me configure what to do with
failed HTTP authentications.
2013-07-05 19:08:39 +02:00
Daniel Kraft 9aa82db81f Basic implementation.
Implement very rough first query implementation, with
still hardcoded connection details.
2013-07-05 18:14:47 +02:00