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mailchuck f159133f14 TreeWidget and Addressbook editing propagation
If you change, add or remove an item in a treewidget or addressbook,
messagelists will now autoupdate labels, and sender comboboxes will also
update if applicable.
Fixes #69
8 years ago
mailchuck e6c379cca6 Scroll/zoom in message composing widget
Fixes #169
8 years ago
mailchuck a4c48228fc Messagelist subscription color
Fixes Bitmessage#842
8 years ago
mailchuck 484bdb0782 Quoting fixes
Message compose sometimes misinterpreted quoted message as HTML, causing
rendering screwups. Since we don't support HTML composing, we will treat
all quoted messages as plain text.
8 years ago
mailchuck 2597ac63f6 Zooming info percent based an single step
Zooming in message body view / compose works in single steps
irrespective of wheel sensitivity, and info about zoom level is
displayed in percent rather than font pixel size.
8 years ago
mailchuck d36d6f300e Message body display handling of spaces
After the changes in the message body renderer, spaces were not
correctly handled. Fixes #168
8 years ago
mailchuck 056512a715 Sent folder new message selection fix
Fixes Bitmessage#838
8 years ago
mailchuck 9353e8eff7 Message editor updates
- Does not allow changing fonts (it's ignored once it's sent anyway),
fixes #167
- Allows zooming, fixes #163
8 years ago
mailchuck 32b0d24be2 singleWorker shutdown fix
if singleWorker crashed, the thread couldn't be joined. This both makes
it so that it doesn't crash, as well as reorders the shutdown sequence
so that it is less likely to be triggered.
Fixes Bitmessage#549
8 years ago
mailchuck ec4a16b388 objectProcessorQueue fixes
- it didn't shutdown correctly
- it didn't handle exception correctly (however, if I understand
correctly, this will never be triggered if using blocking get, so it
doesn't affect PyBitmessage)
- flushing size check changed from 1 to 0 (I don't know why it was 1)
8 years ago
Peter Šurda 47f0df6c0b Object processor queue class
Previous commit didn't include the class. This class takes care of queue
size monitoring so that the system doesn't run out of memory.
8 years ago
Peter Šurda e4f31d25fc Flood mitigation optimisation
Flood mitigation was done both in the ObjectProcessorQueue as well as
receiveData threads. This patch removes the mitigation in receiveData
threads and cleans up the one in the ObjectProcessorQueue
8 years ago
mailchuck 2043d796dd Typo 8 years ago
mailchuck a0da175d45 Typo 8 years ago
mailchuck c137e334d2 OpenSSL version for support contact form 8 years ago
mailchuck dc34c00f38 Improve OpenSSL library finder 8 years ago
mailchuck b7e24fab4a DLL path fix in frozen mode
Addresses #152
8 years ago
mailchuck 6a965cd31a Don't test for Qt in daemon mode
Initialisation of the daemon variable was missing at launch.

Fixes #161
8 years ago
itsexe 72f9e29931 fixed some spelling errors 8 years ago
mailchuck 98fab9c568 Message body focus on reply
Fixes #156
8 years ago
mailchuck 43a765515a Remember current search
@rainulf  What's the reasoning behind resetting the search?

Fixes #155
8 years ago
mailchuck b699475906 Clicks in empty message shouldn't produce an error 8 years ago
mailchuck 46494dc3e6 "All accounts" can't be renamed
Minor error
8 years ago
mailchuck f4c2cc5160 Unicode
- subject on replies was not parsed correctly (or should I say was
parsed more than necessary)
- unicode can handle invalid characters without needing a special

Fixes #164
8 years ago
mailchuck 962c36e122 Allow zooming of message body
Uses default system zoom settings (Ctrl-Wheel).
Fixes #163
8 years ago
mailchuck 4033b945ee UPnP status bar update fix 8 years ago
mailchuck 1b36da9327 Save UPnP port
Fixes #129
8 years ago
mailchuck 27874df45f Typo (missing) 8 years ago
mailchuck 3f2108b36f Typo 8 years ago
mailchuck e5675987a7 Fix frozen localisation (OSX)
Fixes Bitmessage#737
8 years ago
mailchuck d7ff86705e Fix frozen localisation
Addresses Bitmessage#737
8 years ago
mailchuck 6f74ffc265 Mac OSX portable mode path
Fixes #150
8 years ago
mailchuck 3b30afea29 Messagelist subject class
Messagelist subjects now are their own class. Fixes #153
Also fixes replies/clipboard for gatewayed messages.
8 years ago
mailchuck d6ec2a2b8d Version bump 8 years ago
mailchuck 0f24fe5a0c Missing import 8 years ago
mailchuck 4647fcb876 Disable label rerendering in messagelist
It's broken and just consumes resources. I'll fix it separately.
8 years ago
mailchuck e650cff42d (Un)read messagelist items
Previous commits broke them, now it renders correctly again.
8 years ago
mailchuck 4b63c4c086 Address Qt.UserData fix
The previous commit broke places where UserData was read from the
mesagelist line, because it's now a string rather than a QVariant. This
actually simplifies things.
8 years ago
mailchuck 879a6f1d68 Messagelist loads faster
Addresses #149. About 5 times faster.
8 years ago
mailchuck 0b4c57a516 Entries missing in messagelist 8 years ago
mailchuck a8053195ea Fix cdecl/stdcall DLL detection
Fixes #146
8 years ago
Peter Šurda 69494594d5 Main Window raising fixes
On OSX and linux, the tray icon now raises window.

Starting a new instance should raise the window too, but it may not work
on linux (on my Ubuntu it just flashes the icon)

Fixes Bitmessage#743
8 years ago
mailchuck ff207c1b56 Portable mode fix
The option should not be available if the directory with the executable
is not writable, such as when running from a dmg on OSX.
8 years ago
mailchuck 4dbd444053 Logging fix 8 years ago
mailchuck ea37913ff1 Html parser fixes
Raw mode improved, avoid HTML parser entirely and just replaces some
8 years ago
mailchuck 07cee7209b Contact support fixes
- typos & formatting
- OS detection crash fixes
8 years ago
Peter Šurda d0b9d75ce1 Fix contact support unix detection 8 years ago
mailchuck 4049662a3a Contact support updates
Yes/No -> True/False
Add Portable mode
8 years ago
mailchuck 3e956509b2 Add PyBitmessage version to contact support 8 years ago
mailchuck 8359b8b202 Contact support user interface
Fixes #25
8 years ago