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2016 Commits (e84b19613e2bfc4ed44e3f6350b23f6c2e01e9e3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
mirrorwish 7800272d3a Refactor Blacklist tab 7 years ago
mirrorwish 337cf93b4b Fix byte formatting 7 years ago
Peter Šurda 24ae23946b Translations config file update 7 years ago
mirrorwish 69aa618890 Combine all translation project files into one 7 years ago
mirrorwish a23022b2db Refactor Network Status tab 7 years ago
mirrorwish 64fce79321 Refactor status icon 7 years ago
mailchuck 4f56e49a30 Unread count refresh updates 7 years ago
mailchuck 66824c32d1 sqlExecute now returns rowcount
This allows tracking of how many rows were changed, for example for
7 years ago
mailchuck 8172fce730 Typos 7 years ago
mailchuck a63f9054f4 Global Sent fix 7 years ago
mailchuck 0ab0e6757a Restrict pending parallel requests on proxy
This saves some network resources if using Tor, for example.
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 1b50f3898a UPnP fixes:
- external port iterator fix
- error handler fix
7 years ago
mailchuck a1b44aab44 UPnP fixes
- UPnP handles errors better
- it tries to bind external interface (previously sometimes it searched
on resulting in no routers being detected)
7 years ago
Peter Šurda e03803e4e8 Translations update
Updated translation source files
7 years ago
Peter Šurda f8dcb965ea Grammar fix
- Fixes #179
- Thanks to @Erkan-Yilmaz
7 years ago
Peter Šurda d63ecfc566 Translation update
- typos
- updated German translation
- Fixes Bitmessage#844
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 3fcaa47232 Ack received translation typo
Fixes Bitmessage#644
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 143abe3c34 Preliminary Tor hidden service support 7 years ago
Peter Šurda c5363c3c5e Add bitcoin URI handler for message viewer 7 years ago
Peter Šurda 2e47ab0cd2 Keyboard modifiers with quick navigation
The quick navigation key disrupted keybindings with keyboard modifiers,
like Ctrl-C for copy. This restricts the quick navigation only where no
keyboard modifiers are active.

Fixes #184
7 years ago
Peter Šurda a30d5af948 Global Sent and Trash folders 7 years ago
mailchuck 8d8cfe8555 More unicode fixes
Addresses #180
7 years ago
mailchuck da036c6b6b UTF fixes
Label edits now accept and save utf8 characters.
Addresses #180
Still need to check how it behaves on invalid chars.
7 years ago
mailchuck 47bc85f0b6 Sent folder in chans extended
Previously, it only showed message sent to the selected chan address.
Now it shows both those sent to and sent from the chan address.

Fixes #181
7 years ago
mailchuck d8aa484b8c Email gateway interface usability improvements
- don't allow status request / settings unless registered already
- if registered, status request is the default selected option

Fixes #182
7 years ago
mailchuck 2adafdaadc Improved URI detector 7 years ago
mailchuck ed5c8a01ef loadResource incorrect parameters 7 years ago
mailchuck a79f6cce3b Clipboard copy unicode
Copying unicode subjects to clipboard didn't work.

Fixes #183
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 113ceb0868 Email links "From"
Clicking email links now sets "From" based on the message the link is
7 years ago
Peter Šurda af193a1bca Keybindings
- delete key now works when message body is focused as well
- N for next message (down)
- P for previous message (up)
- R for reply
- C for compose
- F for find
- Find is now dynamic if the search text is least 3 characters long

Fixes Bitmessage#655
Addresses #155
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 9e2ae4eeb5 Allow close to tray
PyBitmessage can now close to tray. Even though the main code was there,
the UI and config variable were missing.

Fixes Bitmessage#564
7 years ago
Peter Šurda b3b69b1eac deleteRowFromMessagelist implementation
Rows are deleted from a message list in multiple places, and this is an
attempt to refactor it so that it is done in one function. It's not used
anywhere yet.
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 976af4b3cd Empty resource loader for messageview
MessageView does not currently load external resources (QTextBrowser by
default interprets all external resources as local file names and tries
to load them like that. This can, in the future, be implemented. For
example, if SOCKS (Tor) is used, the resource could be loaded through
the SOCKS too.

This commit is a skeleton for it that does not actually do anything and
can be filled with an implementation that does the loading.
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 96a1726426 Clickable email and http links in plain text
Email addresses and URIs are now clickable when viewing a message in
plain text mode. Clicking an email address moves to the Send tab, while
clicking an URI has the same result as clicking an URI in html mode, it
will ask for confirmation before opening it in external handler.
7 years ago
Peter Šurda f27ca0d3d6 HTML parser updates
HTML parser wasn't correctly handling img tags.
Now it also by defaults disabled external schemas to prevent
deanonymisation (even though the renderer actually doesn't support
external schemas at the moment)

Addresses #178
7 years ago
Peter Šurda b202ac6fab Do not allow port 0
Attackers injected node addresses with port 0 into the network. Port 0
is unusable on many OSes and can't be listened on. PyBitmessage won't
accept nodes that have port 0 anymore.
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 9239813ebb Constant time decryption
Always try to decrypt with all keys.
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 4c2ce7208c Sleep on invalid getdata
- postpone initial sleep until the first getdata is received
- also sleep when received a getdata request for an object that hasn't
been advertised to the other node yet
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 1a92db54c9 Process gateway registration rejections
A message from gateway registration addres regarding registration
rejection is processed and a dialog displayed to get a new email

Fixes #14
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 6b8f255a60 Email gateway updates
- settings option available
- reduce max TTL to 2 days
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 2b6bffc7ff Email gateway account status query
- addresses #14
7 years ago
Peter Šurda db84d699db Search improvements
- selecting a new folder will apply search
- newly arrived message will consider search
- fixes #166
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 218bdf38e1 Better error reporting for log config
Fixes #174
7 years ago
Peter Šurda ab974abce0 Sent message status on ACK
Fixes #176
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 8f5d305242 Mitigate active internal intersection attack
There was a report that by quickly asking a large number of nodes if
they have an ACK object (which the attacker knows but it is injected
into the network by the recipient of the message), it can estimate how
an object propagates through the network, and eventually pinpoint an
originating IP address of the injection, i.e. the IP address of the
message recipient.

This patch mitigates against it by stalling when asked for a nonexisting
object (so that the attacker can't spam requests), and also upon
connection before sending its own inventory list (so that reconnecting
won't help the attacker). It estimates how long a short message takes to
propagate through the network based on how many nodes are in a stream
and bases the stalling time on that. Currently that is about 15 seconds.
Initial connection delay takes into account the time that already passed
since the connection was established.

This basically gives the attacker one shot per a combination of his own
nodes and the nodes he can connect to, and thus makes the attack much
more difficult to succeed.
7 years ago
Peter Šurda f43e01ed0e Don't send ACK on subscribed chans
If somehow you manage to send a message that includes an ACK part into a
chan, the subscribers would send the ACK back. This shouldn't happen.
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 40f0ff381e blacklist rendering edit fix
Editing of blacklist labels affected the rerendering, because it emits
the changed signal too, and it caused an exception because the address
field was missing at that time. This works around both.
7 years ago
Peter Šurda 0bd89103a7 Don't send unnecessary ACKs
In some situations, it's not necessary to send an ACK. For example, when
the sender is blacklisted, when the message has no content, or when the
address has ACK sending disabled.

Also it's not necessary to rebroadcast empty messages into a mailing
7 years ago
mirrorwish 80c174e417 Save changes to blacklist labels
Fixes mailchuck/PyBitmessage#175

Signed-off-by: Peter Surda <>
7 years ago
mailchuck bcae62938a Unused variable 7 years ago